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  1. Claysive

    It is true. What do you mean? I posted that section of the handbook to show you that it is. Calling the APD for assistance and reporting illegal activity are two different situations. Someone was saying that medics call APD all the time and lead them to drug busts. This goes against the handbook. A medic calling you and saying "hey, Joe is at coke pro" is not allowed. A medic calling you and saying "hey, i need assistance at coke pro, shots fired" is. You are telling him that he is wrong, when he's clearly right. The only time a medic should be reporting activity is when there is suspicious activity around the federal events, like he said.
  2. Claysive

    5. Medics shall not disclose the Name, Affiliation, or Bounty of patients to anyone who is not employed in the R&R, in any request for service. These details should only be passed during legitimate forms of RP or if the request is being made to facilitate a player report for misconduct. 5.1. Medics are only permitted to call the APD for Assistance when threats or direct hostile action has been taken against them. Medics may then relay pertinent details to the APD. Ex: General Location, Vehicles, Weapons, Number of Assailants, etc. 5.2 EMT rank is the only rank authorized to call the APD for the sole purpose of an Escort into a red zone without threats or hostilities present. Paramedics(+) do not need to call APD for an Escort unless direct threats are exchanged prior to entering the red zone. 5.3. Medics are authorized to report suspicious or illegal activity that is observed around the Federal Reserve, Altis Penitentiary, or Black Water Armory to the APD. 5.4. Once APD is actively assisting medics in a call for service, medics may notify the APD about pertinent details until the medic leaves, loses contact, or the incident is over. No medic should be reporting any illegal activity to the APD other than suspicious activity around the fed events. The only other reason for them to contact APD is for assistance once hostile action has been taken towards them, or if an EMT needs an escort into an illegal area. That's it. Any medic reporting to APD illegal activity going on, and leading you to drug busts is violating the handbook and should be reported.
  3. Claysive

  4. Claysive

    Selling “I can’t shoot for shit” lessons $2 each
  5. Claysive

    Can we get a TLDR?

    1. Bojo


      What in the actual fuck

  7. Happy birthday you civ shitter!

  8. uh.. who didn't line the Sofia hospital up right? 


    1. LukeTheSup


      Might have something to do with me and helicopters...

    2. rapidaax


      It does that from time to time I'm pretty sure. It wasn't touched this update so something mustve gone wrong. Put in a bug report and I'll handle it. 

  9. Claysive

    Have fun and be safe on the trip!
  10. Claysive

    Kavala - Home Of Demotions
  11. Claysive

    You have to let them "settle" after you first spawn it in. After you retrieve it, watch the axles of the landing gear, after a few seconds you will notice them lower, then you can get in. If you get in as soon as you spawn it, 99% chance it will bug out and explode. At least this is how it is on medic, although I'm sure the civ ones aren't much different.
  12. Claysive

    That’s what we’re calling it these days?

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