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  1. Not saying you, but some of the people who make this same statement or something along the same lines, are the ones who throw the biggest fit when they are denied by third party. Everyone likes to throw shade at medics until they need them!
  2. Happy Birthday @Noahhh!

    1. Noahhh!


      Thank you!

  3. Once again, glad to see you're still alive!
  4. Chief Debate still happening tonight? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Claysive


      True! Would be golden tho! 

    3. xDRO


      It was. But me and @Creepy were told we were "interfering". So will just have to leave it to the great minds of SrAPD.


    4. Linka


      @xDRO debate would’ve been fun, japd can’t even vote so I don’t see the issue

  5. Congrats @Noahhh!! Good job to everyone else as well!
  6. Claysive


    Welcome back! Not much has changed. Aids is still very easy to catch and your ears still get raped at restart! Enjoy your stay!
  7. Who broke TS? 

    1. Zeuse


      It's only Americans I'm pretty sure lmao, UK + EU aren't losing connection.  Join with a UK VPN or some shit, it fixes it for now.  

    2. Bloodmoon


      US shutting down and descending into anarchy.

  8. I don't know man. Those damn medics just help save lives and loadouts, repair vehicles, pickup stranded civs, clean the streets up... those vigis are out here protecting the people of altis by catching the bad guys and getting rid of them 75k bounties... You tell me which is worse!
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