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  1. Claysive

    LOL. Good Luck Kyle
  2. Claysive

    Same, but then again all I do is work and Arma so..
  3. Oh shit, you got mod! Congrats man!

    1. Corps


      Thanks Clay!:lol:

  4. Claysive

    What Millennium said
  5. This is the real question
  6. Claysive

    My name is Clay. Most ppl probably know me from medic. I’m shit at civ but still like to play on there too from time to time. Mostly trying to get comfortable with fighting at cartels, even though that will take a bit. Anyways, I’ve been here a few months now so just wanted to say hey to everyone!
  7. Claysive

    Any particular reason why the Kavala Rebel Garage NPC is behind the wall?
  8. Claysive

    yeah, im an idiot. I noticed that after.
  9. Claysive

    What’s the storage?
  10. Claysive

    Probably somewhere robbing a new spawn! Lol
  11. I’ve seen vehicles launch into oblivion, death by tables.. the list goes on in just the short amount of time I have been playing. What’s your best/funniest/most rage inducing moments of getting Arma’d?

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