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  1. Just to clarify, you don't need any evidence for REASONABLE comp. Reasonable being a 250/300k loadout. Anything beyond that, you are going to need evidence. A 2 million dollar meth run + your tier 5 vest, mar 10, two different suppressors, and police mx in your backpack is not considered reasonable comp. That you WILL need evidence for.
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    2. Claysive


      Words of encouragement! Lol. I’m no @ Messy  though. He’s number one streamer! 

    3. Messy_0


      Yo! Sorry I couldnt make it for the whole thing. Thanks for the words my man. You down to do some cop stuff tomorrow ?

    4. Claysive


      For sure. 

  2. Fill out a ban appeal here: https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/
  3. Watch scrubs die. Maybe some events on s1 later too. 


  4. yo i replied to the support thing plz can u do it im broke and trying to play conquest xxxx

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