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  1. Congrats @Slumberjack! Finally!

  2. Na. I enjoy the drama from kids on the spectrum. It’s quite amusing.
  3. Where you guys going?
  4. I'm clearly not the one heated here.
  5. That's an absolute cancer mindset to have. Instead of letting someone make a situation right, you'd rather see them stripped? And you think this guy is the problem? Grow up man. This is a game.
  6. Okay, then why make a big deal of it now? If it was comped or resolved, why bring this up just cause he got a promo? I'm just not following the logic of being this upset over this.
  7. Was the incident reported or resolved in TS?
  8. You're basing your shit talk off of two mistakes. The vdm clip doesn't show anything other than an accident. You were driving backwards straight into the pathway. Wasn't his fault. The other two, okay, sure. Mistakes happen. People learn from them. Jesus, you guys complain about anything. You guys being this upset over a corporal pick is crazy. I'm sure most of you have made some dumb mistakes.
  9. Great content, but the date ruins my immersion.
  10. Owen, you gotta get it together man. In the past I defended you. Saying things like "He's just a child, he doesn't know any better." But after the times went on.. I just don't get it. You need to grow up a bit man. Calling people fags and telling people to shut up pussy aren't helping you. I'm really not even sure how someone can be this immature. I genuinely hope that you find something better to do with your time than this and start growing up a bit. Hop off the pc/phone and go outside for a while.
  11. Trying to start drama without knowing the proper @? That’s more amateur than @Mike Lit hiding the post

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