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  1. Congrats Strae

  2. Hisoka

    No problem son, it’s what I’m here for.
  3. Hisoka

    Like 2 mil I saw that your profile was neutral so I wanted to be the first to give you a positive profile.
  4. Hisoka

    Thank you for this rule. I once had this toxic cop wait literally 13 minutes before processing me, and I couldn’t do anything about it.
  5. Hisoka

    Are you gonna get cop?
  6. Hisoka

    Leave while you still can!
  7. Hisoka

    What’s broken is having to lose a fed not because one side is better than the other but moreover a deputy getting milked because he can’t don anything which is unfair.
  8. Hisoka

    I don’t get it you want me to cry? If so why? Cuz my role plays too good for you to handle?
  9. Hisoka

    I’m sorry I think your flight may have landed you straight into a toxic pool of retarded man child’s who roam these lands like they own them. Please ask your pilot to start the aircraft back up and head north I heard they actually have a good island filled with plentiful fruit (updates) and calm collected people.
  10. It’s people like you that really degrade our community, id really appreciate if you actually gave good constructive criticism instead of saying “your stupid”.
  11. Hisoka

    Are they thermal?
  12. I’m going off what was said in the post and nothing else. By that logic i concluded that my reasoning stated above was logical.
  13. If we is used as separate Dev team then wouldn’t that also include Ryan becuase he’s the on who said that?
  14. I didn’t edit that I just replied again. Plus why are you so toxic?
  15. how am I supposed to know that? . For months we have been working on what we like to call the "expansion of Olympus".

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