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  1. Hisoka

    You got me messed up. Plus sorry to break it to ya but people will definitely come to mess up this “event”, plus you should leave these types of things to staff to set up because they can actually make legit events.
  2. Hisoka

    I’ll hook you up with that good d dank.
  3. Hisoka


    Dang dude that sucks sorry.
  4. Hisoka


    Well I mean he just started the game like what do you expect? You could always just get an age exception.
  5. Hisoka


    Welcome, keep in mind tho your going to keep getting robbed successfully unless you start teaming up with others to form a gang or join an existing one.
  6. Hisoka

    o7 man I never really played much with you but I could tell your the type of person that could contribute a lot to anything you put your mind to. Good luck in life.
  7. Hisoka

    Woah guys chill with the toxicity. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion until others don’t agree with it, come on guys.
  8. Hisoka

    I don’t understand the hostility bud. But hey man if you feel mad because of me I’m sorry.
  9. Hisoka

    Man you must be new, judging by your demeanor and how friendly you seem.... that”ll Chang in time tho.
  10. Hisoka

    Man how many times do I have to say it bro I was referring in the third person. Never was saying “I” could beat you directly or at least that’s how I tried to interpret it but if you still don’t understand I’m sorry. Just don’t pay any mind.
  11. No one is asking you to report anyone. When you file a report it’s because you yourself feel as though you’ve been wronged by a player in a way that broke a rule. Your not reporting for anyone else but yourself just remember that.
  12. Hisoka

    I was talking in the third person I wasn’t actually saying I would beat you. But it’s ok you misunderstood my statement sorry for that.
  13. Hisoka

    I mean you said not me and cool. Which is pretty much trying to prove to me that you do t wine when fighting on cartel which I don’t understand why you had to tell me that since your not the only one that fights cartel but ok. Let’s just stop talking about this I’m losing my brain cells for every letter.
  14. Hisoka

    Why are we even arguing about this? Cuz just to let you know this wasn’t directed at you just people that do make excuses in general.
  15. Hisoka

    Well people wine saying they didn’t have good gear or they were having bad frames or something that makes an excuse that the server disabled them from being able to beat you.

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