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  1. Hisoka


    ShadowPlay from geforce experience.
  2. congrats @Superman

    1. Hunter


      Thanks bro, did ya get me a wedding gift?

  3. Lol I saw this on i funny yesterday
  4. You literally copied this off iFunny.
  5. Why do you need other people to make one TikTok? I don’t get it explain pls.
  6. any more actual good constructive criticism rather than "no"?
  7. Well I mean tbh I thought it’d be obvious that the mk20c is a shit weapon but that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that if you actually put a decent 6.5 weapon as the tier v weapon everyone would complain. In my opinion I think the Mx or mxm would be a good fit for tier v considering vigilantes as of now don’t have any weapons good for range.
  8. ok thank you for answering me without bashing me for not knowing even if it is common sense i appreciate your maturity.
  9. 1. Why are you so aggressive 2. He was referring to the medics code 3’ing, and I know cop rules, but I didn’t know whether or not code 3’ing as a medic exempts you from speeding laws up until now since they just added the rule where you can now get charged crimes as a medic. So before you start getting all high and mighty on me just because I’m seeking info, maybe you should just be more open minded. 3. you need to calm down 4. If you read the ticket guide you’d know that resisting arrest is a law set in stone. 5. Explain more clearly next time cops are pretty much exempt from all laws on the island so using the argument that code 3 exempts them from traffic laws is a weak argument since it wouldn’t matter if they code 3’ed or not they can still go above the speed limit.
  10. Is this just an accepted idea? Or is this a rule that’s set in stone?
  11. Honestly medics should be exempt from the speeding rules. They got people dying on the clock they don’t got time to slow down. Especially the emts and basic paramedics.
  12. Hey panda I’m in the same boat too is there a way I could get my hours transferred over or nah.
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