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  1. Squeezy

    I'm probably the last person that wants Corporal. There's just a lot of POs out there that grind out for hours and hours, if you talk to some patrol officers that have been on the force for a while, you can go months and months, even years, without shit changing on cop. The point is just because someone plays for a really long time, doesn't mean they deserve a promotion because Corporal after all is a roll meant for players who are good with people, know how to think, and lead other officers. Divisions would give committed POs something to work for that is much more obtainable.
  2. Squeezy

    The point, I'm trying to make is that going from deputy to Patrol Officer is easy cheesy, but going from Patrol Officer to Corporal is dummy hard. Providing an interim role that PO's can strive towards, on their way to corporal. A lot of Patrol Officers complain about doing the same thing all the time and having different branches of APD that POs can get into would give them some to strive for.
  3. Alright this will almost definitely be way too long, but the basic idea of this post is me looking for ways to make the APD kinda more fun for both APD and Civs. The Problem: There are tons of PO's that career cop everyday and don't feel any improvement or rewarded for working hard and committing a lot of time to the APD. In the current structure of the APD, not ranking above PO for a very long time makes sense. There's obviously a very finite amount of people that can become a corporal in each platoon (5-6) and there are still people who are worthy of getting Corporal that literally just can't because no one want's a server full of corporals. Also, the rank of Corporal carries a lot of weight among police and rebels alike, and overpopulating the Corporal rank would just dilute the value in that rank. Civilians, also don't see a very large difference in forces, mostly just Deputies and Patrol Officers as well as the occasional Corporal+. Most of the bigger gangs aren't scared do federal events or large illegal runs, because they know they can outgun the standard Patrol Officer taser MX or Spar-16. The Suggestion: Create sub branches for the APD. Sub branches could be literally anything. Anything from different gear, to different vehicles, and of course each sub branch would have different purposes. Each branch would still be lead by sub branch would still be lead by a Corporal, and each sub branch will have its own requirements. A certain number of hours on cop, maybe a certain field training, and a field test that has to be passed, etc. The point is that Patrol Officers that are obviously dedicated to the force, would have something to look towards besides Corporal rank. They would have something to work for and look towards, as well as making Civilian Vs. Cop life more dynamic and interesting. Now I know, at this point in the post, whoever is reading this is gonna say something along the lines of: "It's too much work, the devs will never do it," "The APD will never implement this" "These branches have no use" "The admins won't do it" "You're retarded" "" " " So on and so forth. I get it man, its definitely going to be a lot of work, and its gonna be very hard to figure out who's running each sub-branch, how each sub-branch will be regulated, how they fall into the chain of command, potential uniform changes, promotions, organization, maybe slight rule changes, all in all, this would be a very hefty project that would take, a very long time. But, if you're still reading this post, here are a couple of ideas that I've had for different divisions: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Altis Police Escort Division This branch would be utilized by Workers Protection Civilians. As implied in the name, these cops escort workers doing legal runs and get large payments at the end of selling the goods to a trader. Since this escort division will be in close quarters most of the time, APED would be issued high rate of fire with small caliber ammunition, like the car-95 5.8mm, car-95-1 5.8mm, TRG-21 5.56mm and a van. Altis Police Designated Marksman Division This branch could only be used in special circumstances. Federal Reserve, Blackwater, Jail Break, Pharmaceutical Escort, second wave red zone responses. Patrol Officers within the APDMD could trade in their standard MX or Spar after the special circumstance is called and respond as an APDMD unit. Designated Marksmen can be issued low capacity, high caliber marksman rifles: Rahim 7.62mm, CMR-76 6.5mm, MAYBE the Mk-14 7.62mm. Altis Police Armored Car Division: This branch could only be used in special circumstances. Federal Reserve, Blackwater, Jail Break, Pharmaceutical Escort, second wave red zone responses. Patrol Officers within the APACD could trade in their standard MX or Spar after the special circumstance is called and respond as a helping force for other Patrol Officers. Armored Car division can be issued several new tactical vehicles for example: a Hunter, Quilin, or Prowler. Altis Police Small Explosives Division : This branch could only be used in special circumstances. Federal Reserve, Blackwater, Jail Break, Pharmaceutical Escort, second wave red zone responses. Patrol Officers within the APSED could trade in their standard MX or Spar after the special circumstance is called and respond as a helping force for other Patrol Officers. Small Explosives Division can be issued a weapon with a grenade launcher that either throws stones or tases players on explosion. However since grenade launcher are very powerful, there would be no ammo in the rifle, the grenade launcher comes with. Officers in the Small Explosives Division will still be able to carry a pistol, and will work with other patrol officers to clear small buildings from greater distances. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All of the options I've listed above are obviously just some ideas that are bouncing around in my head. The point is that a greater variety in the APD, allows Civs and Rebels to play with and against the APD more dynamically. More options allow Patrol Officers to look forward to progressing in different branches instead of everyone just aiming for corporal. Congratulations, you've made it to the end of my post!!!
  4. Squeezy

    That make me sad
  5. Squeezy

    Also if anyone want to exchange a mar 10 taser for a mar 10 lethal and a dms scope, with liquid cash on top.
  6. Squeezy

    There's no actual number yet brother, a number can be negotiated after all physical inventory has been negotiated for.
  7. Squeezy

    Yes brother, If you want some, I can get more.
  8. Squeezy

  9. Squeezy

    not for the next 5 days buddy
  10. Squeezy

    Sorry chief, this ain't it.
  11. Squeezy

    Aight, this is getting kinda wack. Second time getting a battleye scripting error#10 and getting perma banned for scripting. As soon as I got the message I logged into support and talked to a support member, but obviously the support member can't even contact an admin to let them be aware of the issue. First time it was handled immediately because literally all of server 1 got banned. But, Right now, there's about 9 people in ban center and half of them are sitting there in there for the same reason as me. If 5 outta 9 people are sitting in ban center for false scripting that's a fairly pressing issue that should be solved. Whatever system you got in place isn't working. Could yall get on the grind and get rid of the bug or at least set up a system where the issue could be solved without me and a bunch of other people sitting in ban center for hours or even days.
  12. Squeezy

    Ye you can its all within RP, but it would be cool for the server to build in some code that seamlessly allows APD members to get money without depending on the civ to actually pay out money to the police.
  13. Squeezy

    In my eyes, I only see two ways people like to play on Olympus, either monetary/material incentive, or good gun fights, in the best case scenario, it should be both. That's why people love doing feds and blackwaters. Huge gun fights matched with huge material outcome. So if you want to change something, you have to provide that to any party: Rebels, Vigis, Workers, APD, R&R. The only way to solve the frequency of robberies is to deter the rebels monetarily. For example: 6 dudes pull up to diamond processor to rob a truck. As soon as they engage the workers processing, they hear sirens and flashing lights and start getting tazed left and right by the APD. The rebels loose their big guns, have to sit in jail etc. Next time, they might be more hesitant to drop on a legal run. Next question. Why would the police protect a legal run if more than half the time no one will attempt to rob it and they would get no money out of. Solution: If the run goes successfully and the police provided an escort, they could get paid a percentage and even a subsidiary rate like the $7,500 that medics get on top of the $10,000 dollars paid by the downed player on revive. WPL players could contact the police to ask for an escort and the police could arrive on scene and protect the workers. With the civs permission they can windows key on the truck, and every item sold out of a truck will provide the on scene APD some cash. This type of system would enable much bigger and better gun fights during legal runs, provide monetary incentives to the police, and somewhat deter rebels from robbing legal runs so frequently.

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