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  1. The new player base scared to do anything because they don't have the money or the skill that is seen in an older player. There's an obvious disadvantage that plagues new players, in confidence and finance. Old players die out eventually, and cartel fighting isn't a sustainable form of economy, for the average new player, so of course they aren't going to rush to cartels as soon as they join. The new player base want's to make money and become rich first. But the administration isn't even trying to bring in or cater for any new players. Nobody want's to stay in a server, where as soon as they log in they get bombarded with retarded hands up or die messages, because if they loose their gun and their truck, that could be half of their net worth just gone.
  2. Ah yes, classic peepee sucking from ryan who only cares about appealing to the old player base and cartel tards who don't know how to follow rules.
  3. GORGEOUS PAIR OF ABDERA 2 CRATERS ON SERVER 3 Equidistant from every meth ingredient! Perfect for storing countless ingredients! Total of 3000 space between them - that;s $12,466,000 worth of METH!!! Please PM me for Offers.
  4. Gonna look for other offers, I'll keep you in mind.
  5. GORGEOUS WAR ZONE GARAGE 700 Meters from the War zone! 1.5 Kilometers from Air Port! Please PM me for Offers.
  6. A full house of methamphetamine will sell for $3,315,956.
  7. Always nice to see another man of culture.
  8. SELLING DP 3 GREY STONE HOUSE AND GARAGE | PM Me for Offers Garage is: 3.2km from Ephedra Field 3.7km from Lithium Mine 4.3km from Phosphorous Field 3.4km from Crystal Meth Lab 1.8km from Cocaine Field 100 Virtual 100 Physical House is: 1 Crater Long Stone House 800 Virtual 250 Physical
  9. Lol? I didn't think we had any tasers in there, but next time make sure to double check ur seizes U missed out.
  10. Do you guys know when you will do the rollback or has that not been determined yet? @MAV
  11. Here me out, those pilot helmets are pretty cool, mostly because they give the user full night vision. However, Pilot Helmets are pretty bulky and don't go with a lot of outfits (aesthetically speaking). Yes, I know they can be covered up with wet suits and ghillie suits I think it would be cool if we could wear other helmets, hats, clothes, etc, but still gain the the benefits of full night vision with a more expensive option of night vision goggles. Since the pilot helmet costs $15,000 and gives level 3 armor, It would be fair to make the night vision goggles anywhere from 10-15k loosing the potential of having level 3 armor on your head, but giving you a lot more versatility with outfits. We could also make it that if you do buy full view night vision goggles, you can only put on a certain helmet/hat. For example: Full night vision goggles may only be worn with hats that provide 0 armor.
  12. If its in the game then I would like to see my Marshall's, Tigris', Blackfoot's and Kajmans too. Just because it's in the game, doesn't mean it should be on the server. @TheCmdrRex Yea, the only thing I can think of is if some chungus jumps out at you and puts 30 6.5mm CMR rounds into you in 2 seconds, and you have recording.
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