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  1. Yeah i just got unbanned today LMAO FINALLY
  2. My "Olympus Perm" has been a real perm. I've been banned for almost 2 years Just wanna play again
  3. See knew i wasn't the only one who saw these things
  4. Seems kinda dumb, but it honestly helps with the REAL tension i face everyday.
  5. Mmmmm Welcome To PARA's APD Life, Where he will never receive the chance for promotion of any sort
  6. THANK YOU, for responding the the appropriate way all of you seniors. I will take everything all of you have said and do the best i can with it. NOT TRYING TO START SHIT, JUST TRYING TO FUCK CRIMINALS UP
  7. Proof for what ? So that i can be redeployed when it is not needed because i am the "Snitch" Or So that i have to always be doing trivial things because i am the "Snitch" Redeployed to Kavala by myself because i am the "snitch"
  8. Well see, some of these things arent clarified or are completely disregarded when I or others ask. But like i said, CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG. I didn't know Civs weren't suppose to rule quote and i will remember that on my next patrol. & As Far as the black fish, i dont think they should just be able to hop in a spooled blackfish when they are caught red handed, but they know noone can really stop them or chase them. Especially when it is a PO & Deputy. But i am glad you clarified some things, i appreciate it honestly. I just wanna have fun as i am sure everyone else does. But somethings just dont seem fair. These are my opinions though & please take with a grain of salt.
  9. Like i said tho, i dont want anyone in trouble. I just want people to not be so bias in situations . At the end of the day IT IS A GAME. People dont want to fear losing their rank or what not over dumb things like that. I get on cop to relax and just have a good time after i just saw a dead baby have a heat stroke IRL. But when im told to redeploy when it is just 1 female and a male officer in a channel & all of the channels are stacked i think its wrong. But i do it anyways.
  10. Correct me IF I AM WRONG PLEASE. But this is one of the reason on why i play civ more than APD. I also dont wanna call anyone out by name. I have recordings of it happening , but i dont think thats how it should be settled. I was hoping the ones who are doing such things would see this post and acknowledge it isn't right. Or at least change the behavior, I REPEAT i dont want anyone in trouble. I just want to play the game, and most new APD officers never feel like they have a voice when a female is around. But regardless of that whole situation, i think we should have more PRACTICAL rules of engagement . If someone is in a illegal area and they leaving in a blackfish there is semi not really anyway to stop them if it is just PO's and deputies. I also dont think Civs should be able to rules quote while being processed either. Because we are trying to do our best to be professional, while being ear raped and being insulted just for playing cop. Also consistently being disturbed while processing because Civs know we cant do it if there is a situation . Im not saying APD isnt fun, but i think APD should have a REP just like Civs do, just to talk about how the game could be better, instead of the 85% Toxicity/Fear all APD members face every time they log on .
  11. Nothing in particular , i tend to follow the rules. I have just seen on many occasions where a new deputy or higher rank which is male does the same thing and ends up losing things for it or being punished but a female is let off with a warning or nothing happens period.
  12. Lets see how fast i get demoted
  13. That doesn't mean it is right though . When i see my superiors tending to fellow female APD officers instead of the new Deputies, it angers me . Because some need help or assistance more than others and just because you are a female it seems you have priority in these situations. My Superiors are suppose to be professional. But as soon as a female comes online they dont care about the rules, but are quick to demote me.
  14. Being a real Police Officer, i find it hard to understand the laws in place by the current government. Many laws i understand having to do with current in game issues i understand. But if you want the APD to be able to respond the way REAL Police Officers are suppose to than i think we need REAL PRACTICAL RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Also I tend to seem some bias in the APD towards females. Olympus is my home away from home. But when i am persecuted for no reason because the opposing sex says i am or am not breaking the rules it breaks my heart. At the end of the day take my rank, we just all wanna have fun. But i think if CIVS have these rules to follow so should APD. This may be a controversial topic but it on the minds of a few CIVS. I expect justice where justice is due, not just when a female APD Officer deems it reasonable . I just want the running and gunning to be fair. ACCORDING TO THE LISTED RULES. Not what Current staff says is okay. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE. Forreal make the shit fair, or else there is no fun in being a CIV. Or being APD when woman have priority in all things regardless if you see it or not. IT HAPPENS.
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