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  1. This long without Arma Olympus, is like a crackhead with no money

  2. Ømar

    Howdy! I can assure you'll have a fun time with us
  3. Come watch the stream!



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    2. Lex yo

      Lex yo

      iv seen wayyy longer but 13days is still kinda nutty

    3. xanx


      w e i r d    f l e x   b u t   o k 

    4. MAV


      I shut my shit down nightly, just habit I suppose..

      I think kbdog has been idle for 14+ days at a time NVM online so keep going

  4. Ømar

    One of the saddest step downs I have ever had to withstand. Olympus will quiver in the loss of you Peter. Even though I rarely had the opportunity to speak with you and build that relationship. You inspired a lot of people and most importantly made a lot of people laugh. Hope to see you in the future and good luck with any conflict you currently have in real life. o7 to the best dad on Olympus I'll send you out with some bagpipes. Enjoy brother, farewell. GOD SPEED <3
  5. Ømar

    wheres my underage @? o7 though bro
  6. April 1st is the good day. Maybe...

    1. RDyer216


      What’s April 1st besides April fools day?

  7. Ømar

    Somethings rising and it aint jesus. That was a 10/10 pit my friend. Wow.
  8. Watch Da' stream! :D 

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    2. xanx


      holy hell daddy my paypal is [email protected]
      You get acess to my private snapchat with daily dik piks. @DashTonic

    3. 1-800TryHards


      The Olympus community should raid streamers lmao.

    4. MAV


      22 minutes ago, 1-800TryHards said:

      The Olympus community should raid streamers lmao.

      Oh we have #oddcastpodcast

  9. "Bravo Lieutenant Chris is an absolute unit. Have you ever seen his heli skills?

    "70d4b28e824fd0891db37697b6c598d4.png LOL

  10. Ømar

    You also have to be quite patient, for R&R it took me about.. maybe a few weeks to a month. I'm not quite sure about how long you would have to wait for APD. Since obviously I am not white-listed, but to put it into scale. I am still waiting on it and its been some time. It possibly might be shorter or longer for you. Anyways, just be really patient, eager, and dedicated. Hope you get the exception you desire!

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