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  1. data or data?

    1. Unjo


      Data with no R

    2. Cale


      date a not dat da

    3. Fake Grandma
  2. The only person that I could really relate to in the game. Age exemption gang wya. sad to see you go
  3. Same here, I was 14 when I was able to get into R&R, all you need is patience and hard work. It will really show to the higher ups that you can handle such position.
  4. Hi i'm back

    1. Danger


      Welcome back!

    2. ZHS-62
    3. User_0000


      Zamaan 3anak ya khara 

  5. Ømar

    See ya

    Boy where do I begin.. The day I first joined Rebel Inc. I didn't even apply haha, I got in cause I knew your brother. Harry. I moved up from doing concrete and diamonds runs to rolling around with you and the whole gang. Man I felt like I was rolling with the top tier. Then I actually got involved with Rebel Inc, doing Plat runs with everyone, sometimes procrastinating cause I hated doing runs. Then, moving forward in time.. The time we met those hilariously racist people and formed Banjo Boys! Man we had some good times and some bumpy times, but I am glad that we met. You single handedly got me addicted to Arma 3. Without you I am not sure I would be here today. You were an amazing leader, you wanted me to do better so I could impress or show that I improved some how. Thank you for taking me and showing me everything I know today. I hope we can still talk and possibly play afterwards. I will miss you playing on Olympus, but I know we'll have some good times after all this.
  6. Kiss his feet, for he is a true warrior
  7. oh How much for MXM
  8. Ømar

    Remove COP

    omg a car ran me over and i didnt like it pls remove vehicles!!!1!!11
  9. Happy birthday @Prime :D 

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