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  1. Want to buy Kalithea Houses and Garages pm me if your interested
  2. dead server as in 3 or 4 rat gangs fighting compared to servers that some dont speak of that has fights litterally all day give a fuck less about you fighting over slots with some vigi
  3. whats left of this dead servers gang life lmao
  4. A whole bunch of any vehicle will lag an area :/
  5. @HunterBklyn he didnt say why is olympus dead he said gang life. Get off the post if your gonna talk about kavala you fucking scat. Also actually contributing that big tower to penisula is horrible don't know the last time you hopped on training server with it completly aids nothing to push it in. You would be lucky if you didnt lose 1 or 2 people even in a ifrit. Cartels are based so both sides have even chances at winning not so defense is a pure advantage thats like adding a big tower to fed. Maybe instead of a fucking big tower in the middle of the... not done on any other because of the fact its a bad idea you put small towers in places where they need to be like broken house for a start. Still a buff but not as op as a big tower.
  6. not getting a hawk for 20mil maybe a huron if ur lucky xd
  7. cops shouldnt be allowed to come at all
  8. headrip

    Selling Tasers

    How much for mx tasers
  9. Feel house with nearest ingredient, process in hatchback sport, sell in large truck run. BOOM your in tree
  10. they dont fight to lose gear, they fight to fuck people over, screwing over old gang mates you may have liked may not be the most enjoyable for some people
  11. k this post has shifted very much in a matter of like 30 seconds have fun fighting your dead opinion but hey who am i to judge.
  12. hold up since when was big gangs the problem... fighting large ass gangs is fun and aids all in its same little package, different to say the least, when was the last time you fought
  13. In all honesty the hole apd bum rushing cartels with ghost hawks got old after the first week and I just took a break. Maybe something changed but like my first guess it wasn't going to be balanced or fun and you interrupting perfectly good fights with literally no loss still is mind boggling. Nice we get 2 war points but what do you lose? 30 seconds hitting the respawn button and coming in another ghosthawk, 200k insurance on it which u will probably receive from lethal money. Nothing xD all to gain nothing to lose but to fuck people over where they are trying to fight not be tazed. Fighting big gangs isn't the problem if they lose when they were invited so be it that's on them. The only time a war zone raid is brought up is when someone invites you. I have seen ghosthawks stalk around south air and neo waiting for some rebel re gearing to fuck up and get followed into war zone.
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