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  1. Although one roll of toilet paper would be about 10m around these times, I do follow rules and do not condone any sort of transaction
  2. HYPOTHETICALLY, is it allowed to trade toilet paper for ingame money?
  3. 1m for 8 mxs and 1 corp gearset w/out gun?
  4. ok guys im gonna go out on a wild limb here and offer 105,000 dollars, no need to get any crazier than that who tf is marshall anyways, what gang u in tf and how tf u get a sph
  5. I’m gonna win this one boys, haven’t won a giveaway yet this is it!!!
  6. this is awkward, the forums already have that, in case that you need help navigating https://olympus-entertainment.com/forum/136-marketplace/ , go wild
  7. You the one who sucks dick dude and then get all pissy when they kick you from the gang No one likes you
  8. Sad to see you go brotha, o7 man, love ya
  9. That’s only for a specific type of uniform that the Corp has to buy, but there are diff uniforms that they can buy that work for civs
  10. Na Birb you’re just special
  11. I had poeple slave for me once and pick peaches
  12. I wanna start a thread for music, post music I should listen to. This is what my main playlist consists of lmk what I should add Also tell me what you think about it
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