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  1. PurgEe

    I'll buy spar16-s with 5 mags. PM me, I'm currently at school but hit me up I'll buy it from u as soon as a get home. 4:00 PM EST
  2. PurgEe

    Bruh you need pictures of it to sell it dawg
  3. PurgEe

    Aight chief
  4. PurgEe

  5. PurgEe

    What meme for im being dead ass
  6. PurgEe

    150k for MX's 350k for spar 16-s , 650k for mk1?
  7. PurgEe

    Anyone selling tazers for cheap? MX's , Mk1, spar 16's etc?
  8. PurgEe

    Yo if this is server 2 let me know in dm’s i’ll buy the 1 pistol , 1 type , 2 spar 16s and all 5 mx’s, and the spar 16 tazer 80k
  9. @Blood hit me up in dmgs tomorrow ill be on to buy it 2.7 mil. I’m very tired so i’m gonna go sleep zZzZ Gn!
  10. @Blood nope not going higher
  11. @Blood i’ll buy it for 2.5

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