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  1. Gert


    Selling 118 warpoints, 15k per, for a total of $1,770,000.
  2. back when server three got locked at a certain time of night, my entire gang was able to get on it through a glitch they found and they all got banned after making millions. RIP UnFazed
  3. Gert


    Isn't FAKE a vigi gang?
  4. When you try and get in a vehicle and dip but can't because you accidentally started healing then you just get fucked.
  5. That's how you just killed us lmao
  6. Is there any way to make the treat yourself option farther down on the scroll wheel. It really seems to fuck people over when they need to go quick but they get stuck in a animation that you aren't able to cancel then you get shot in the back.
  7. Gert


    Im not entirely sure what he's saying but I think he's saying either it cant be done without removing tasers or its gonna take a lot of work to make lethal stings. It sucks but its whatever lol. I'll just stick to mk1s lmao
  8. Gert


    Add stings to gun stores. They should also be color coded like spars. tan sting is for vigis, a black sting is a cops taser, and like a (whatever color or design) for civilians. Stings shred
  9. I would delete this post dude I don't think it'll do you many favors. Before too many people see
  10. server one just got killed then everyones game crashed
  11. Gert


    I'm sure there is a reason for it but it would be nice if the giant red triangle that is on slam mines would be removed. If not entirely, which would be a bad idea, but in rebel and warzone you shouldn't be able to see them. Otherwise, they aren't very useful and just a waste of money.
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