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  1. dude there was so many people to @ like i said if i missed it my bad but for sure will miss chilling in support shootin shit and trying to land scout planes on the carrier lol
  2. o7 boys im just to busy and im about to join the military. Ive been debating on doing this for a while but i feel like its time. @SecTranLive love you buddy keep up the good work dont let the rats get to you i'll still get on to fuck around on civ every now and then. ETA on Admin @Zeuse I hated playing with you at first cause i couldnt understand you but your one of the chillest dudes i met on Olympus ill play golf it with you but not with decla @1thedoc your one of the funniest motherfuckers on here glad you finally got a chance at corp @Luke Duke thanks for being real and not a fake little bitch you know who im talking about @Winters your probably my favorite British dude on the server we had some great times, never stop role playing @Brolaf open your eyes @Rossco Redneck, ETA on mod @Strae quit jiggling your Ethernet cord lol @Hurricane You were always fun to play with ill miss the shenanigans @ThatNerdyGuy You aint got no good corporals left imma miss playing with you and talking football @Super_Nova You were chill AF and shouldve gotten Sergeant way before you did @Dank MeeMoo We had some great times on cop and civ ill miss all the shenanigans we used to pull @Millennium i should've arrested you that one day when you were on medic @1-800TryHards the corporal grind was real took a lot longer than it shouldve but we got it and it wasnt really all that @decla i will never play golf it with you but ill miss ya buddy @Decimus do you remember me? Make a tinder buddy to anyone i missed sorry but like real shit some of yall need to remember this is a game the ones of you who think your hot shit cause you got a rank in a video game need to get off your ass and get a life cause a lot of yall cant run from your desk to the refrigerator without getting winded o7
  3. o7 homie you still my favorite perm PO
  4. Why don't you design a better website then go ahead and get on here and shit talk it otherwise do me a favor and stop
  5. @Ryan i accidentally ejected out of my orca while i was flying....... thanks for the cancer

    1. NokiaStrong


      If you didn’t do it on cop then shouldn’t be an issue on civ



      i couldnt exit from the pilot seat on cop till i was almost landed 

  6. o7 buddy just waiting on you to get un banned at this point
  7. @Winters Congrats on LT man you broke your old record


  8. @Hylos i already congratulated you the other day but ill do it again congrats man 

  9. @1-800TryHards well fucking deserved dude congrats on corporal 

  10. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198353460460/
  11. o7 buddy gonna miss shit talking civs with you when we wiped them and they got cancer with us best of luck buddy <3
  12. @Winters @Super_Nova congrats gents i knew y'all had it in you

  13. @gaz o7 buddy it was fun playing with you

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