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  1. 1-800TryHards

    Cartel fighters taking a break from Minecraft yet ?
  2. 1-800TryHards

    07 man I appreciate all the love you had for this community and respect it .
  3. what a rat @ChicagoJack

    1. ChicagoJack


      Homie you said you were going to kill me and made me sit in a locked offroad for 15min. You're a loser:D

      You went thru all my post's and down-voted them lmaoo you really are a lame.

  4. 1-800TryHards

    M5 is back !!!
  5. Joined the community a hour ago and drops 2 big donations damn!

  6. 1-800TryHards

    3rd & solid change
  7. 1-800TryHards

    Federal events should be interesting now.
  8. Mans @Hylos is just climbing up the Olympus ladder, congrats!

  9. 1-800TryHards

    This guy
  10. 1-800TryHards

    To also add don’t be that vigi that uses a suppressor on their gun if cops know the rules they can be dick heads and revoke you’re license.
  11. 1-800TryHards

  12. 1-800TryHards

    07 bro
  13. 1-800TryHards

    I mean it’s basically the same as the new off-road that they added with the top on the back.

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