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  1. Well said. Good luck in life !
  2. Added RnR fire suit to $250 donator, S&R+ Lower this to $100 Donor level
  3. @Zahzi Congrats bro! Thought you were already like a mod or something haha

  4. kinda feel bad for the kid sounds like he was sick or some shit and wasn't thinking aha
  5. cuz @Headless is on top of his shit ! He's very active.
  6. Like I stated at the beginning of my statement, I understand that the staff has a lot on their plates, but it really doesn't take but just a few minutes to hear out an appeal.
  7. https://gyazo.com/ba2a71787b5c8d816d71cf4cdd9186af @LukeTheCoop
  8. So I made this post a year ago or something and it was pretty funny what everyone had to say. Basically just post something you hear people say in game/TeamSpeak etc. *For example* -comp or ban retard -if I were you I would just comp me I have a pocket admin -my dads the owner -Nice rdm John Doe etc. -push ogggg Make it funny, whoever’s best comment that I find funny will receive $5 million in game! I will announce a winner Monday May 25 6:00PM Pacific standard time. GOOD LUCK!
  9. https://gyazo.com/edd1d09eee17728c115b6105e787fa09 Custom icon winners etc. @Zahzi you @me but it didn't pop up just letting everyone else know that they won.

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