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    1. ooooooooo


      Dont matter. Riken likes being dicked down im pretty sure

    2. SPBojo


      1-800CheatsHard :pogchamp:

    3. Billeh


      @KGB JOSH i thought that was hoonter?


  1. 07 bb had the best times with the gang.
  2. Well this is quite gai of me to make but the server is not really fun for me anymore so today I said fuck it. To all the support rats you guys were all cool asf (The kids in TS everyday that I would talk to) Not gonna @ anyone but anyone that I was chill with you know whats up. Overall kinda dumb of me to go out this way but if I was gonna have fun one more time playing this sever this is what I was gonna do. Though I didn't get far in the fun props to Sapd for shutting me down so quick. From grinding for Corp I can say it was aids but in the end its not worth it boys. Shout out to Sapd for giving me a chance.Though I got what I wanted and it was fun while it lasted boys. If you love this sever keep grinding monks. o7
  3. baned.png.2ca20dddfe06acbcb0416ae94c16c290.png????? For what lmao I didn't even do anything.........

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    2. iPopsicle


      Yeah I read the ban message. Didn't say anything about a rule break. For once I am with @Elements on this one. Yeah you ban for server rules that makes sense lol no one would question that.

    3. Ryan


      @iPopsicle Yeah it was intended to be Mass RDM, man out here doing things in reverse adding See sAPD in game and Mass RDM on teamspeak :kappa:

    4. Elements


      then give him staff in reverse

  4. Not surprised TBH....

  5. Lmao someone scam this retard plz
  6. Cartel fighters taking a break from Minecraft yet ?
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