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  1. OK join TS and message me
  2. let me get the armed prowler
  3. Congrats on not being a child anymore!... by legal definition

    1. 1-800TryHards
    2. logan69


      does that mean we can fuck?

  4. 1-800TryHards

    it will be fixed in upcoming hot fix which will be soon.
  5. 1-800TryHards

    fire holy shit !!!!!!!!
  6. We got some new champions bois ;) 

  7. 1-800TryHards

  8. Kinda looks cooler In my opinion
  9.  Hopefully we can see some of this new stuff in Olympus, new guns (new gun skins) and some new clothing options.

  10. Happy birthday @Big_Tony at one time you were the biggest APD meme ;) 

  11. 1-800TryHards

    So will there be a gta V support team? Maybe one channel will say arma join for help and the other will say gta V join for help.

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