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  1. Gratz to all the people for passing your             Re-Evals and for the ones who didn’t feels bad. Karma is gay ain’t it ;) 

    1. Mighty


      Not gonna lie I fucking laughed my ass off reading this

    2. 1-800TryHards
  2. 1-800TryHards

    Apply for designer .
  3. 1-800TryHards

    That’d be cool to make a oil mine out in the water. They could still use a submarine but have 2 variants of it like oil submarine so you could carry oil in it. And maybe a garage near the coast so you could easily pull a oil truck and swap the oil to the oil truck, for transportation.
  4. Happy birthday cutie @Rossco

    1. Rossco


      :) thanks hottie

  5. Well shit. Lets get a RIP in the chat for the homie 1-800 oooof

    1. Energyyy
    2. Mighty
    3. 1-800TryHards


      @Mighty "Just got kicked off for scripting restriction #11 and it delete my arma profile"  >:( hows that new profile treating you : )

  6. Lmao I was the cop chasing you yesterday in the scuba suit welcome to the community! ;) 

  7. 1-800TryHards

    thats what you have the purge event in KAV no cops allowed : ) 30 mins of fun
  8. @bdj happy birthday CARTEL WARRIOR 

  9. 1-800TryHards

    yes they can do that. But cops will find him and RIP his vigi license
  10. 1-800TryHards

    patiently wait ....
  11. Happy birthday man @Sho


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