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  1. damn i didnt realize i had so many fans out there... Im a normal guy guys who plays a video game.. my kid gets no special treatment from me what so ever.. you can ask any senior in any of the factions about that... @K_todd im sorry about what happen to you i actually had no idea what happened with that whole situation and my higher ups handled that situation.. To be honest a rarely handle any of the hiring and firing.. I started this gang with just @Shades , @Legendary and @GluxDesigns and never saw it getting this big and notorious Good and Bad. I have no hard feelings against anyone who is removed from the gang, people come and go and sometimes it takes a person a couple gangs to see which one they fit in best with. For those of you who truly know me know im relaxed and non toxic but yet some people hate me with the passion and that is ok. I play to have fun and make friends not to prove my self worth. I will say another thing I have never flexed my stuff on anyone or made any statements that im hot shit or better then ayone.. I get clapped just like every other person im not by any means a top notch pvp'per i play to hang with friends and have fun that is it.
  2. Now thats the funniest thing ive seen in a long time...... plus one @SPBojo
  3. yeah a meme that makes 10 times more then cops and medics do... I will meme myself all the way to the bank with arrests and laugh at every APD officer i pass on the way to vigi outpost...
  4. farewell bud it looks like you will be missed by several people by the responses in this post I feel the one who will miss you the most is @Richard
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ Stay out of my illegal affairs @Richard
  6. damnit... ive been running mass amounts of weapons in my medic vehicle for some time now... Guess ill have to take my weapons trafficking to the skies..
  7. We are currently currently have NO opening/s for a Contributor spot with the texture Design Team. UPDATED: 4-28-2020 If you still feel like applying though, read the spolier below. Remember your app will be on hold till there is openings.
  8. see ya later little buddy its been fun playing with ya... (wait that didn't sound right)....
  9. probably going to get hit with it to ... all the lines show straight for me
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