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  1. Happy bday bdj

    1. bdj


      eta on your return?

    2. Camel Joe

      Camel Joe

      Just got valorant access I’m addicted

    3. bdj


      bro cop me that to

  2. Happy birthday sexy

    1. Camel Joe

      Camel Joe

      Thank you 🥰

  3. Don’t think I ever talked to you but you changed my rep to -200 after I downvoted you . Adios my guy!
  4. On my way to snowshoe West Virginia right now. I ride a arbor relapse with burton bindings my set up around the same price as yours. trying to get a never summer gotta save some money though.
  5. Anyone wanna play some Apex? I will carry you.

  6. You can get them from black waters...
  7. Cops are a bunch of bots. Pointless discussion don’t waste your time arguing with anyone on this topic.
  8. how much for cmr?
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