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  1. Pasto

    Quitting arma so selling everything for cheap: dp17 house best offer (4 crater) kavala house right by hospital best offer (4 crater) dp22 house best offer (4 crater) dp3 server 2 house 2 crater 500k spar 16 tazer 80k l10 pilot coveralls 100k each 5mx tazers 80k each 1 45 pistol 10k 1 type 115 150k 2 spar 16s 350k gave most my warpoints away but have like 10-15 left if anyone wants them doubt it tho sell them for like 8k a war point also have like normal gear in the houses if anyone wants mk1s and shit for 10k lolol also might have 2 more houses idk prolly lost them due to me not playing no more
  2. Pasto

    ill give u a pizza, a pack of cigarettes, and 15 redgulls
  3. Pasto

    ur 12 that was to monster whooops lol
  4. Pasto

    already have lol
  5. Pasto

    i dont think they need to be removed but i noticed some vigi gangs getting smart and camping wz rebel and waiting for big bounties to come in alone so if anything vigis shouldnt be allowed to come into war zone at all ruins the fights
  6. Pasto

    the 2 mx and type 115 and offroad?
  7. Pasto

    ill sell u both mx tazers for 450 but i got a offer for 13m on at offroad so gonna have to beat that and mar 10 is sold offer on type 115 and how many pilot coveralls u want lethals sold
  8. Pasto

    also have 3 mx tazers and a mar 10 lethal for sale and 6 pilot coveralls
  9. Pasto

    Tazers: Spar 16, 2 spar 16s, 1 type 115, 1 mar 10 and one AT offroad for sale
  10. Pasto

    Hm for kavala gunstore house

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