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  1. this server is too power hungry pls fix

    1. Toasty


      maybe you just arent power hungry enough :thinking:

    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      wtf you talking about the server PSU is only 1200W and it's barely being tapped.

    3. Elements


      @Grandma Garywhats the servers weight limit

  2. 0a6ae006280ba4ea5b2b2d6d16d1a094.jpg

    1. JuanDeaged


      shits lit we got a squad of like 6 playing rn

  3. Image result for funny dance gif

    1. Randyy


      thts wut i do 2 ur gang when my cheats come back up u fat igger

    2. Elements


      thats what i do to your minecraft house when i make tnt

    3. Randyy


      good luck bud im 2 mill blocks out x and y kiddo youll never find me bud im a seasoned vet on the mc and youll get smoked nerd 

  4. imagine saying congrats on telling people how to make a support ticket

    1. Zahzi


      I only found out that a (mostly functional) backup for it exists today.

      Hoping to get it up tomorrow, just have to fix a couple things to get the playtime stats to track😉

  5. hey developer @Zahzi can u put the stats page up

    1. Zahzi


      @Elements Waiting to get the files...

  6. i think you should just give gary staff and restart the staff team

    1. Superiorr


      staff team rn looks the best its looked all 2019

    2. Elements


      ngl i think it would look better with me on the that moderator spot

  7. At this time we are going to have to decline your staff application. There are many factors that we use when deciding on who we allow to become a staff member and at this time there are some concerns. You are free to re-apply down the road if you like but bear in mind we do hold our staff members to higher standards then normal players.

  8. so are devs admins
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