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  1. Hey if you want your to stream on the Olympus Discord PM Bliz with your Stream and your PID

  2. Check dm's D:

  3. Heyo! If anyone streams on Olympus often, and wants to work on getting a tad bit more exposure to their stream send me a PM or comment on this status. I have some ideas and would like to get feedback.

    1. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      I don't stream, but im active in multiple Olympus streams each day. I will refer some of them to this status update my guy :D 

    2. Millennium
  4. Youre pretty active and helpful on the discord, how are you not support team? 

    This is random, but I was just looking at the "staff" section and saw your name, and was like heyyyyy.

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    2. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      @Millennium Are you telling the man to not try to excel further, so nice of you

    3. Blizzix


      Hey! I appreciate this post. I applied for support team on the 19th of last month.

      The response (put it as a spoiler as everyone is probably familiar lol):


      "Unfortunately we have to decline your ticket at this time.  There are several factors we look at when considering people for elevated roles within Olympus and at this time we have some concerns. Please do not re-apply sooner than 1 month from the date that this application is declined."

      In conclusion, I was not opposed to the idea at first, but after I was denied simply because of my playtime (which is around 500 hours) I decided that I am no longer interested in the tag and will just continue doing what I do without the official role. Besides, the primary reason I am active in the discord is to gauge the user experience with the Olympus stat bot so I can improve it where I see fit. Maybe if something changes in the future, but as it currently stands the only additional activity I am interested in doing for Olympus is development where I can.

      Anyway, I appreciate the comment, and will continue trying to be helpful.

    4. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      Good, enjoy your time my guy. Its a rough world Olympus. 

  5. Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

    1. Legendary
    2. KGB JOSH
    3. Millennium


      Trix tastes pretty good

  6. Blizzix

    Ziggy brother man, I don't think that is the correct solution for new players.
  7. Blizzix

    Good stuff!
  8. Blizzix

    373 Replies.
  9. Dear Destruct, 

    I would like to formally apologize to you about my behavior today. It was uncalled for me to bring up business in a place of recreational activity. I understand that this may have put unnecessary tasks on your to-do list during a time of casual conversation. Next time, I will be sure to go through the process that is designed like everyone else instead of trying to cut the line. 

    I hope you accept my apology, and I appreciate your time.


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    2. destruct


      @ikiled made him do it, not necessary, but apology accepted?

    3. Toasty


      I dont think this should be a status update.

    4. Isaac Newton
  10. Blizzix

    Grand Theft Auto V: GTA is a great game that you can pick up on sale for about $20 via Steam. Right out of the box, this game offers tons of content that will keep you entertained for many, many hours. Seeing as the game was released in September of 2013, it is likely that you have heard of it and most likely played before. Although, if you haven't I would recommend this game for you easily. Even if you have played on console before, if you have the chance to play it on a decent PC it is differently worth purchasing. The story is worth at least one play through. GTA:O includes a lot of grinding and requires a specific taste, but the heist's are fun. The game really became worth my money once I discovered a framework to allow Role playing. It may sound silly but it is actually really dope. The framework is called FiveM and once you have installed the game, installing FiveM is hassle free. I have racked countless hours and have had tons of fun. The fun becomes increased with friends. All I can do is tell you to check it out. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: CS:GO is about $15 for the full edition on steam. Great competitive play, requires teamwork and skill, and is all around a great game to play every once in awhile. Deceit: This game is all about it's title. A cool little free to play horror(ish) game featuring interesting characters trying to work together to escape. Be careful because two members of your team are out to kill you. Skyrim: You can pick up Skyrim:SE for $40 on steam. This game was way ahead of its time. Great exploration; epic dragon fights; great story; gameplay feels endless (don't get me started on the mods). Ring of Elysium: Cool free to play battle royal. I never really invested time in other games of this genre but this game seemed to interest me. It has unique style and gameplay that is all around a good time with friends. ~Blizzix
  11. Blizzix

    I believe that Permanent Bans are there for simplicity. They have the tendency to get the point to the player that what they have done is in no way allowed. They also convey to the player that the player should reflect and contemplate their actions to determine why they were banned, how they could prevent a ban in the future if they do return (or within other communities), what it is they could do differently in the future, and how they could make it up and possibly return to the community they were banned from. On the other hand, seeing someone getting a permanent ban is a clear message to not do what the player was banned for. As much as it may seem unfair, some bans are used as a deterrent and a message of what could happen if someone decided to follow the wrong do-er's footsteps. (Note: these are my own opinions. Ones I have seen in action elsewhere. I do not yet know if these opinions hold true to Olympus.) Anyhow: There is a system in place for players who have been banned (permanent or not) where they can have their ban reviewed by the proper authority and be notified why they were banned or possibly be able to be un-banned if it was a wrongful or unjust ban. Take a look at the "Ban Appeals" section on the Ticket Report Info forum, or look at the spoiler below. Btw, I highly recommend people read and understand the rules. Then take extra steps such as recording (shadow-play is a good place to start) to prevent any wrongful ban. While they may still happen I find they are pretty unlikely. ~Blizzix

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