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  1. What stupid cunt just deleted my hatchback with my loadout in

  2. It's happening bois

    1. vedalkenn


      moderator dripp?

    2. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      @Drippp can you confirm?? 👀

    3. Drippp


      @Mr GOAT this is drippps PR it is confirmed

  3. get fucked Asylum start talking when you have 49 players and not 43.
  4. Just support team? Make this nigga support team lead.
  5. Mason Statham


    o7 leader Drippp
  6. Wow thanks for looking into Walt's case so quick @Ryan Ty!

  7. @jke hurry up and get unbanned need to be able to coach the boys to the win
  8. The post does say hackers/scripters aren't included in this. I mean most of them will eventually get unbanned either way tho
  9. @Cale @Honeybastards Mason's Angels taking it home.
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