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  1. Mason Statham

    Pretty sure this happens when u have TS open on other monitor
  2. Mason Statham

    Asylum V2 about to be popping brother.
  3. Mason Statham

    Why do we need to talk shit? Why can't we just all roleplay?
  4. Mason Statham

    Pretty sure gang and group cap killed alot of gangs on asylum. This won't boost gang life.
  5. Mason Statham

    I would love to play with my gang without one of us getting one of those "false positive" bans!
  6. Mason Statham

    @W4LT3R WH1T3 looks like it wasn't your net after all atleast the admins are so nice giving you a "get out of jail" free card !
  7. Mason Statham

    Who are some of these gangs?
  8. Mason Statham

    Cops being nerfed on this server? Good banter. This is why I don't do anything involving cops all the higher ups are up their own arse and there other cops and even deeper in there.
  9. Mason Statham

    As tryhard said you need more encouragement for the smaller less talented gangs to attend. If gangs actually got rewarded for making like top 8 they would have more to play for and more reason to train for it. It's pretty clear from last gang wars only 2 gangs were actually contenders for 1st place.
  10. Mason Statham

    People from asylum were doing the same thing you reeeee you're literally talking about something you clearly have little clue about and want to be a whiteknight.
  11. Mason Statham

    Hi normie.

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