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  1. eta on plane delivery buffs.

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    2. SecTranLive


      @Mason Statham I’ve done many many plane deliveries so has @Messy and I can tell you they don’t need a buff. Making 500k in 20 minutes with almost little to no threat doesn’t need a buff. But we’ll see what the stats show

    3. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      @SecTranLive I'd love to see that, It takes around 3-5 mins getting to each lands spot and on average you make 125k or less per run and -75k for what you spend to even start the mission, and from what i have experienced 125k is high end, i gave up after a few since i realised it was a waste of time.

    4. Zahzi


      @SecTranLive This is the other reason we chose not to buff it last time we looked into it. It's pretty safe and fast you can fly, and you can autoland if you're not a great pilot.

      I flew around for a bit to see how much I'd make, and it was a fair bit given the safety and relatively low effort involved.

      Additionally, each person that's flying around doing DP missions is one less person to interact with on the ground around the map (similar to salvage, but not as bad).

      @Mason Statham DP missions aren't supposed to be an incredible run, it's mostly for newer players given the lower risk. IMO, it should be far less profitable than a run that requires a truck, going to a field, processor, trader, and ATM all on the ground where you can be robbed much easier.

      Civ council will still take another look when we get the stats this weekend though ;)

  2. Mason Statham


    Tp scammer boys watch out
  3. Mason Statham

    Why the change in heart then you don't go from havinf a vendetta against the server to apologising for it all for no reason.
  4. Mason Statham

    I presume legal action was close to being taken and this apology was a way/agreement to avoid that.
  5. Mason Statham

  6. Mason Statham

    Fully expected this to be another TP player.
  7. Mason Statham

    Actually he now owns 10.5m I heard.
  8. Mason Statham

    Pretty sure this happens when u have TS open on other monitor
  9. Mason Statham

    Why do we need to talk shit? Why can't we just all roleplay?
  10. Mason Statham

    Pretty sure gang and group cap killed alot of gangs on asylum. This won't boost gang life.
  11. Mason Statham

    I would love to play with my gang without one of us getting one of those "false positive" bans!
  12. Mason Statham

    @W4LT3R WH1T3 looks like it wasn't your net after all atleast the admins are so nice giving you a "get out of jail" free card !

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