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  1. hope the 100k was worth it @syndrome


    1. Millennium


      Prevented him from getting first place. Good work

    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      As long as you message buzz buzz first you won't get banned by me.

  2. If your going to go by this then you have to atleast stay consistent to what you guys ban for I've seen bans for much less. Usual play should be if you run someone over by accident or not you shouldn't shoot someone whilst they're spangled due to your car hitting them. Also not too sure why you seem to have the idea that conquest rules are different to normal server rules the only post about conquest rules was this: And this was just giving people a heads up about conquest bans on top of normal bans and some examples what is and is not vdm there are no separate vdm rules for conquest vs the normal server. If this Isn't VDM then I see people abusing this alot.
  3. Yeah idk what claysive was smoking when he looked at this tbh
  4. You don't need 5 mins for vdm if you upload a 5 min clip for vdm you're trolling yourself
  5. Atleast @ the person who denied it
  6. Kind of hard to tell if someone is cheating when ArmA spectate looks and does shit like this. Regardless from what I saw there was nothing super sketchy like there has been in previous years other then that one shot through smoke which resulted in checks being done on the person's PC https://gyazo.com/6570a044654500c951188f8d14e5a495
  7. interviews should still happen imo since the majority of the stream liked them and people should be gearing up whilst the interview is going so pretty much soon as the interview is done we go straight into the game. Things such as people not being teleported because they didn't get in a car in the future will probably just mean they get left out of the round as restarting the round is lengthily since everyone has to regear and it's not like we wasn't spamming it to each team in the matches. It's a pretty simple concept of once the garage door opens to get in the cars to get tp'd. There's a few other changes which will probably need to happen to prevent boring rounds (people slamming window and realising they outnumber so not pushing for a easy win)
  8. Despite the cancer part of gang Blitz I feel like there was a alot more positives than negatives to take out of it and I feel only small changes need to be made to speed things up/make things better. 

    1. Lucien


      Jeep guild on top

    2. Masoooooooooon


      Next one may have to enroll Jeep Guild @Lucien

  9. Highlight of gangwars for me was @Hurricane whiffing on this crashed hatch tbh



    1. Millennium


      I didn't even know this happened. SMH, Hurricane being useless again!

    2. Hurricane



      Couldn't see shit and pc is bad when recording so 20 fps gang

    3. Ott nathan

      Ott nathan

      I mean what can I say😚

  10. Fuck @Headless all my homies hate headless
  11. Could put them anywhere and it wouldn't change that tbh
  12. Free up R | Shit on mans was just defending himself.
  13. Masoooooooooon


    o7 you better come back for the Lawler's gang wars
  14. @Zahzi @Mako thoughts on making it 3wps per kill regardless on warring the gang or not since it doesn't effect war KD either way
  15. Honestly most staff ban and then just unban most people unless you've done something super dumb or you've done the thing you got banned for multiple times I don't personally see anyone getting special treatment.
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