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  1. Ty, Could also just remove my restrictions aswell
  2. So can I make a request to get conquest money due to my retarded restrictions?
  3. ETA on doing so conquest does shared payouts
  4. So what are the chances of getting a early release boys.

  5. Can someone update my boy @GoonThe12Yearold to Goon the 13 year old he's a big man now.

  6. I only approve of houses made of only dirt.
  7. Old teamplayers would of won this without a doubt.
  8. Close call today Boys almost got my entire cheating scam uncovered 

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    2. Masoooooooooon


      if you call him in TS let him know i was using cheat 1D10T 

      Also asked everyone who has ever spoke to Batcan to get themselves tested.

      Mans really come at me at 6am in the morning whilst i was still in my slippers no respect

    3. Lucien



      I should probably be tested for corona virus I guess

    4. epicgamer233


      drown in urinal lucien, you're infecting me with autism

  9. o7 brother you best hop in TS from time to time so i can moan down the mic to you.
  10. My mum told me to never trust ginger people mumma was correct

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    2. SPBojo


      shutup ginger @Cooper:P

    3. Cooper:P


      Alright @SPBojo Suck my ass

    4. SPBojo


      Dont tempt me with a good time @Cooper:P

  11. Sometimes it really do be like that

  12. How do conquest cut %'s work?

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    2. Drippp



    3. Masoooooooooon


      Got more then you did at the gas station tonight retard

    4. billdroid


      The gas station is busy af rn the coronavirus is good for business. Don’t know why we didn’t think of releasing this earlier

  13. Olympus 2 be moving like Asylum rn.

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