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  1. db7aee1400475a32d4635be8697ab629.png55b1e4c0867b81d974d7617f2aa2aac7.png

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    2. Masoooooooooon


      Yeah what I'm getting at is that this could be avoided partially, And for the people who are thinking it would destroy the economy no point worrying about the economy when some people would just straight quit the server over getting blown up and losing w/e they had.

    3. Drippp


      I can solve the hacker problem! Put me in

    4. HooDi


      Can yall just make this happen @Ryan 4 days in a row of my gearset getting deleted and sui vested like its boring

  2. More of the case that ArmA is slowly dying other servers get less population compared to what they use to aswell.
  3. Yall should just make a script which mass comps like 150k - 200k  to everyone when everyones gear gets stripped. Would probably half the amount of comp tickets since most people are happy enough just getting their loadout cost back.

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    2. Masoooooooooon


      True but getting your gear/clothes or whatever stripped or being blown up etc effects everyone a small bit of money usually makes people less likely to rage off the server

    3. Monks


      tbh a free 200k per person wouldnt break the economy either so +1 

    4. Lucien
    1. Monks


      Get outgamed idiot |apd| on top

    2. Courean


      New meta: running people over then shooting them with a pdub

    3. Jerrod


      HopOutGang on Masons rim

  4. It's only currently planned for this weekend on off peak times I'm sure neither of you are going to die over this. If it's really that bad you could always adventure outside
  5. I wouldn't be opposed to it. would be nice if some of the smaller gangs / solo players grouped up more.
  6. Prediction: some people are still gonna find ways to be mad about conquest money.
  7. Only real noticeable bug was that the points kept popping up and clearing off the screen - I and I think alot of other people would prefer this to be a toggle option. But overall was really fun defo prefer this over altis
  8. Yall really going the furthest to justify that whole 88 situation.
  9. Who actually manages the perms and shit in the gang life discord? 

  10. @Truthy what do you plan to do at 5am now?

    1. Peterr


      "Cringe for asking for POV"

  11. Do we pretend to act shocked here or?

  12. Someone give me armed plane lessons plz 

    1. Venomm


      Test around to get a monitor crosshair or piece of tape in the right place, make sure your target is lined up well enough so you dont have to correct a whole lot, Flaps full down, engine off, hold airbrake. Once you finish shooting go 100% engine and pull up. Repeat until you target becomes warpoints.

    2. Vcx
    3. Lucien
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