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  1. Smh still not allowing the Lawlers their main roster.
  2. So made another IFRIT skin pretty basic design but lemme know what you think

    Also probs gonna try doing a Orca or piece of clothing next so lemme know if you have any suggestions.


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    2. Drippp



    3. Scold


      Could use som white accents on the body, eyes contrast too much with the rest

    4. Masoooooooooon


      @Civak I'll probs give it a try during the week or something but just looking at the way skins texture on Heli's the amount of design you can do is pretty limited sadly

  3. Opinions/Feedback

    First attempt at making a Ifrit skin


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    2. Google


      Dear Mason,

          The Google CQC Administration Team has taken an interest in your work. The Administration would like to hire you in developing our latest Google CQC Administration Team Ifrit Skin. Please contact me if you're interested in working for the Administration as a Designer.

      Kindest regards,

      Google, CEO of the Google CQC Administration Team

    3. Kamikaze


      we need this in the server now no questions

    4. crxckrxck


      the sides are a bit rough and could use some cleaning, i feel like it would be a more "laggy skin" but i like the idea of it and the color.


      Edit: for a first ifrit skin pre fukn gud

  4. Never spoke to you but thought it was funny as fuck how half the staff quit over you getting a higher e rank then them.
  5. Looks like mitas about to lose her dep chief position
  6. @Civilian Council

    Make it so you can either buy your cars upgraded at rebel or the option to upgrade at rebel 🙂

    1. Bloodmoon


      Buying your cars upgraded was already passed a long time ago.

  7. Good luck in your pursuit of this e puss @ChrisGG

    1. Drippp


      Kids a fuckin dweeb

    2. Kedar


      Sorry hylos, Chris is on it now lol 

  8. Atleast put a video of what it is otherwise you get a bunch of retards just clicking a option and having no clue what they're actually voting for.
  9. Forum drama is really just too good.

  10. It was cool and all but we were all trying to pistol bang him... Nothing was more fun to watch then a kid with a construction vest destroy a lost Muslim kid. I mean my legendary 1v8 isn't even a option...
  11. Shout out to all the boys on the Lawlers who actually made gang wars fun. and shout out to the guy i still have 0 clue who he was but played with us.

  12. So, pretty sure i deserve MVP after that 1v8

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