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  1. Thank you for a lovely valentine's night! 

  2. Congrats Walt well deserved!

    1. WALT™


      Thanks brother mason, I’ll make you proud

  3. Patch would of been out already if yall accepted my senior dev app just saying.

    1. WALT™


      +1 mason statham for developer

    2. Masoooooooooon


      Senior developer*

    3. buckie


      No EU devs 

  4. @Cale has officially been suspended from the Lawler brotherhood. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dolphy


      @Linka honeybastards I think


    3. Linka


      @Dolphy ive never hated someone more than that kid

    4. billdroid


      @Linka nothing is more true 🙏 

  5. Server 1 DP3 garage DM offers.
  6. SMH Cale didn't submit my hard carries Tox and Batcan
  7. Anyone got a picture of what the dazzle ghosthawk looks like ?

  8. @Ryan pre and post game shit talk between leaders plz.
  9. I doubt you go outside
  10. Jerrod is a convicted ddoser, and has been banned since Oct. 29. I believe that shutting one's internet in order to win a fight in Arma 3 is quite drastic, and I condemn Jerrod's actions. Several people have recently been unbanned, and many think Jerrod's ban should be lifted. However, a general warning to the Olympus community about Jerrod is that he is still an avid ddoser. I strongly advise the Olympus staff to keep this ban in effect due to the very likely repercussions that would occur from unbanning Jerrod.

  11. Considering every arma skin I do ends up 50 times better when I put the main colour to white I'm gonna have to go with white
  12. Smh still not allowing the Lawlers their main roster.
  13. So made another IFRIT skin pretty basic design but lemme know what you think

    Also probs gonna try doing a Orca or piece of clothing next so lemme know if you have any suggestions.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Drippp



    3. Scold


      Could use som white accents on the body, eyes contrast too much with the rest

    4. Masoooooooooon


      @Civak I'll probs give it a try during the week or something but just looking at the way skins texture on Heli's the amount of design you can do is pretty limited sadly

  14. Opinions/Feedback

    First attempt at making a Ifrit skin


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    2. Google


      Dear Mason,

          The Google CQC Administration Team has taken an interest in your work. The Administration would like to hire you in developing our latest Google CQC Administration Team Ifrit Skin. Please contact me if you're interested in working for the Administration as a Designer.

      Kindest regards,

      Google, CEO of the Google CQC Administration Team

    3. Kamikaze


      we need this in the server now no questions

    4. Lou


      the sides are a bit rough and could use some cleaning, i feel like it would be a more "laggy skin" but i like the idea of it and the color.


      Edit: for a first ifrit skin pre fukn gud

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