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  1. Hello I would like a free .338 Suppressor
  2. Grandma Gary shot me with a Spangle gun... Fucking Corrupt.
  3. THROWBACK: who need's Titans?


    1. ooooooooo


      That's pretty fucking quality

  4. only 24% damn we must be slacking
  5. obviously the two gayboi's Maj and Zahzi.
  6. you were a good soldier, come back sometime.
  7. I am in... now where the fuck is outcast
  8. fuck you @Zahzi 🙂

    1. Kedar


      fuck u dingle

    2. Kedar


      dont talk to zahzi like that 

    3. Zahzi


      fuck you

  9. Listen here bucko... you are done when we say you are done
  10. gamblers make me sick, betting all their money away when their children have no diapers, torn clothes, starving... you should be ashamed of yourself.
  11. "Replace the combat store timer with an animation and progress bar so storing is not as troublesome." finally thank god
  12. sure you lied about your age but you worked your way up to corporal that should of proved you were mature enough to be on the apd, you were very chill every interaction I've had with you, who ever is responsible for the blacklisting is probably a little bitch.
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