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  1. Dingle Pooper

    Shift + 6 on your numberpad
  2. Dingle Pooper

    EH FU M8
  3. Dingle Pooper

    hoping for a lot stricter RP than current Olympus but not super hardcore, it's going to be hard to find the perfect balance, I think a lot will be depended on who is in charge of the police force, who ever it is I hope they enforce roleplay and are not ego driven like most of the Sr APD on Altis.
  4. Dingle Pooper

    nah nah nah you just got back you need to stay
  5. Dingle Pooper

    I know this is more of a pain in the ass for staff than anybody, I feel for you guys, I am just hoping this is taking top priority and you guys are looking into more of a permanent fix rather than temporary.
  6. Dingle Pooper

    Can we say fuck the donation goals (for now) and devote your Manpower/Resources into Fixing/Protecting the servers? @Ares
  7. Dingle Pooper

    absolutely they should roll back i will probably lose a couple of mil but the economy is so fucked and people are abusing the shit out of it.

    1. Ducky


      Get COnneCTeD fOr FrEe

      WiTH edUCTiON CoNneCtIOn

  9. Dingle Pooper

    good bye OG
  10. Dingle Pooper

    10 million dollars
  11. Dingle Pooper

  12. Dingle Pooper

    damn we losing a good one boys, I wish you all the best, you will be missed
  13. Dingle Pooper

    Hi I am Kavala Vigilante if I see you smoking marijuana... I will rdm taze you because you are breaking the law. if I see you killing cops... I will rdm taze you because I am the law. And if you are a cop... I will rdm taze you because I am above the law.

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