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  1. Big Steve

    Yikes, that's a hard assumption. I don't give a shit about being vigi'd, I just know other people do so I wanna see how many. Just read the words man, I haven't even logged in today.
  2. Big Steve

    Never seen that before, who could possibly do that.
  3. Big Steve

    I know, I do. I would like to see a general idea, I want to know how many posts are genuine.
  4. Big Steve

    That's the assumption, I have talked with people who don't like the role and aren't just mad they got outplayed by a 12 y/0. Some people have genuine concerns or ideas and these get drowned by assumptions of being pissy, like I said.
  5. Big Steve

    Every time I open the forums I see a vigi post, I'm just probing.
  6. Big Steve

    Yes that's why I wanted to make a poll, individual posts may come across as just a disgruntled player. This is a more collective way of seeing how the community feels as a whole.
  7. Big Steve

    All I can find on the forums for the past week have been people who rightfully don't like, or have issues with the current Vigi role. There has been numerous feedback on potential changes, but I am seeing an overwhelming number of players who think the role should be removed. I personally don't mind being robbed by a vigi with a taser that is playing outside of the role, the rules are not the issue. I see too many vigis that don't understand the rules of the server, and they should at least be held to a higher standard than regular civs. I am interested in the community's thoughts on this issue and any potential fixes you can think of. If I get tased, I expect to be robbed, not sent to jail by a person with a purchasable license. We should be sent to jail by cops, and not have to leave areas due to excessive vigi populations.
  8. Big Steve

    Add a "Get rid of Vigi" option
  9. Big Steve

    You could do an "Admin Says" provided people in the event will STFU. Armed cessna dogfight would be dope AF. More battle royal events, those are fun. An underwater-type event would be interesting as well.
  10. Big Steve

    This will be awesome, I'll be there for sure.
  11. Big Steve

    Good luck man, Welcome to Olympus, no debit cards needed ~~

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