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  1. Big Steve

    My first 3 days as a dep, I bought my loadout 3 times, although the gear isn't as expensive, it happens often enough.
  2. Big Steve


  3. Big Steve

    The room and the room 2. Best 3$, roughly 5 hours of gameplay if you're smart.
  4. Big Steve

    https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/id/thesnoob/#sort=order my steamID/link is "thesnoob", same as my youtube tbh Merry Christmas boys, Happy Holidays for you PC fucks
  5. Big Steve

    Nice man, I made my own as well when I got denied for Developer haha. I'll definitely check it out.
  6. Big Steve

    I bring a new level of meaning to the term "robocop". Give me PO.
  7. Big Steve

    The best, only a god can pick 43m worth of apples in less than 20 hours
  8. Big Steve

    <20 hrs, 43mil gang fund, 0 kills, no data for any members. Plz explain.
  9. Big Steve

  10. Big Steve

    It was a joke. Interesting my guy. I've sold like 6m worth of mx's for that price.
  11. Big Steve

    LOL you scammed a kid actually. I sell them pretty regularly for that price.
  12. Big Steve

    MX 325k, Spar-16, Sting PM me for orders. Mags/scopes included.
  13. Big Steve

    Interesting. Olympus plz nerf.

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