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  1. Big Steve

    Age of Empires 3 : Olympus DLC
  2. Big Steve

    -inhales- Doc they have minors in there, they will never let you in.
  3. Big Steve

    More gangs in US schools than on Olympus.
  4. Big Steve

    Add slot machine function to ATMs.
  5. Big Steve

    I meant in the event of creating multiple "how to do X" videos. Regardless, it will definitely help new players and maybe take some weight off the support team.
  6. Big Steve

    oh shit, O7 good sir.
  7. Big Steve

    That's dope, discord is probably the way to go. If you need a monkey to help record shit let me know.
  8. Big Steve

    Covering the Y menu and windows key interactions would be helpful for new players. They constantly ask in side chat. Despite this, new players most likely don't use the forums unless they apply for a gang.
  9. Big Steve

    o7, damn
  10. Big Steve

    Doubt. Just you trying to flex about a meeting you shadowplayed. Also I have no idea what your post says.
  11. Big Steve

    Then why even mention that it exists?
  12. Big Steve

    I know some people that aren't retarded but definitely on that list haha
  13. Big Steve

    It's all good if you aren't on the perm-PO list haha
  14. Big Steve

    Weird flex
  15. Big Steve

    Give Po's 7.62

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