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  1. drama

    Ares better owner

  2. Who plays Cold War? Need some grinders to play with. Also hi

  3. drama


    Wtf is this layout
  4. Anyone tryna bet on lakers blazers game? I got blazers straight up 🔒

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      Blazers are going hard. It’s always Dame Time in the bubble

    3. drama
    4. Grant


      Melo needs a ring man 

  5. Lost all my money in blackjack, I’m going back inactive @Ryan made everyone gambling addicts on top of killing the server. Ares would never

    1. rabid


      Sounds like you need a Weinberg cash infusion 

      Shit me2

    2. billdroid
  6. anyone tryna play rogue?

    1. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      Im positive you would just go AFK round 2

  7. fast chat so no one will see this im gay replies got hidden, im exposed
  8. unban @DABESTeva now or else...

    1. drama


      ur mother

    2. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      *opens chat*

    3. Horizon


      @DABESTeva hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha

  9. “I don’t give a shit about medic” - @Headless 2020

  10. My boy I look forward to all the debates back and forth with sAPD. This is EASILY the best sAPD since I been on the server
  11. I didn’t stay Senior R&R long enough to get any e-cheeks so had to get a nut irl smh. Olympus thots would’ve been cheaper
  12. Hey all, I know it’s going to be a meme for a long ass time and rightfully so. I apologize for the inactivity and being a deadweight to the server. I got burnt out on the server and also didn’t agree with some staff/server decisions. Mainly former staff being brain dead idiots and crying all the time on top of being burned on the Gang Wars support. I planned on coming back sooner but life got busy with my job promotions, girlfriend graduating college, moving cities etc but nonetheless I’ve been back about a month now and I can honestly say if I ever go inactive again I will be asking Ryan to remove me from staff. I hope y’all can forgive me and get civ life back to where it can be enjoyable even with a dying game. TLDR: IM BACK and we’re going to be focusing on civ life. @Ryan is slapping inactive staff around and will seriously be removing them if it goes on any longer (he threatened me too ) so if you think you can be a good staff member and meet the criteria PLEASE apply. If you have already applied then just be patient your time will come. If anyone needs some feedback on their application or what they could do better to be a better candidate hmu. Love y’all

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