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  1. draMa

    The days of when Suki was a medic vigilante and would drop VDMers vehicles into the bay
  2. draMa

    Pretty sure the reasoning for removing Medevac was because the definition is an action, not a rank. But I agree it sounds cool
  3. draMa

    Personally I like the mix of old and new. Dispatch or EMT > First Responder > Advanced Paramedic > Search and Rescue > Air Responder but they doubt they will change names any time soon
  4. draMa

    250. Would pay more if you had a pic of Leonard Fournette in your signature too
  5. draMa

    What sorry mf offered 9 mil
  6. draMa

    Oh my god why didn’t I think of that

    1. ScreaM


      niggas iffy uh, blicky got the stiffy uh

    2. communistjosh


      Yo I live right near there lmao


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Trimorphious


      i mean yeah they're stupid but they are being shown a weird map where Eurasia is on the left

    3. Absurd


      this is why I hate living in america

    4. platinumfire


      damn i feel sorry for them they on the internet forever showing how stupid they are 

  9. Happy Birthday @lou25000 :wub:

    1. lou25000


      Thanks Sr Medic Moderator Drama!

  10. L

    Edited by moonwalk2468
  11. draMa

    This is MY LT btw

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