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  1. @rapidaax @Ryan shit staff

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    2. Drama


      @Millennium yeah got a new phone and just never logged in on here. But rapid and Ryan always bitching so I figured id see what’s up

    3. Skys


      Is that my papa who unpermed me 

    4. Ryan


      Lmao look at this dude, slaying pussy and going to clubs. Smh what a loser gtfo!

  2. Happy birthday to my brothers @Prime @bdj

    1. Prime


      Thanks brotha I'll light one up for the fam

  3. Drama

    Pushing rn
  4. Drama

    Shit @ game
  5. Drama


    i literally dont know how you dont have mod or dev next to your name yet.. ive fought all i could for it. maybe this will open a spot for you ill take my formal invite to PLAGUE now hmu realest guy i ever met on this shit, we'll keep in touch bro funniest mf ive met on olympus, imma miss the tree goons @Gf. i love you aunty j, never stop applying pressure on these inactive staff members and APD. Imma miss all the career cops I became friends with in the last few months @Millennium @communistjosh @gaz @Strae @astral
  6. Drama


    you are god awful at the game and should quit playing love you lil bro, we really went rags to riches on this OS shit if you played more you would've been a slam dunk mod candidate. sucks but the game is dying anyways so i dont blame you. thanks brother
  7. Drama


    Its time to get outta here. Obviously Gang Wars was the biggest piece of shit let down ever so this sped up my decision. Most of you know I moved across the country last week and I knew my time for Arma and Olympus was going to go to shit after the move and I don't want to be one of the staff members that literally keep the rank for no reason and have others pick up the slack they leave behind because that shit is corny as fuck so I was considering stepping down after Gang Wars anyways. Been on Olympus since 2014 and always wanted to be staff so I decided to apply when my guy McDili got owner and he gave me a shot and I'm thankful I was able to do that shit before leaving. I know Gang Wars is going to be the most recent thing people think about when you see or hear my name but I hope the things I did as staff and as an "OG" Olympus player don't go completely forgotten about since I put a lot of time and effort into it but if it does then oh well I guess. Not going to @ anyone as theres just too many and I'd miss way too many people. If I fucked with you then you know it and I'll miss all of yall that I don't get to keep in touch with. Good luck to everyone in the community with whatever yall decide to do. I'll probably still pop on here every once in a while. o7 also someone take away this piece of shit APD forum tag, I dont know why I have it.
  8. Drama

    ya I feel really bad about making you guys sit in ts all day when I have to lol
  9. about to play some competitive MW2 for some cash. No mic but you might be able to hear them tho come chill if you want 


  10. Drama

    Cause he’s a dickriding scamming retard
  11. Gang wars cancelled 

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    2. Moonini



    3. Mk-1




    4. tacosmell


      Unleash me and ill cause havoc 


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