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  1. @Justi at the middle school lunch table when his friends ask if he’s gonna get that $50 back before his parents beat his ass 



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    2. Raindrop


      that's the kid that stole my lunch money 

    3. Gaz
    4. communistjosh


      im fucking done lmao

  2. draMa

  3. draMa

  4. Happy Birthday to the man who asked me to join MC just so I would stop chopping his cars when he was on cop @Corporal Moob and also come back pls

  5. draMa

    Squeaker squad medics
  6. draMa

    I played a server when @Hades banned me for “scripting” and they had a human trafficking thing where you could just bring people to this spot by Pyrgos and you had to pick cotton to get out faster. I actually wish it was on here
  7. When you get admin on an Arma role play server. Women ain’t shit


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    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      3 hours ago, Bloodmoon said:

      All pussy is the same, change my mind.

      We get it that you are a virgin and all... but have you never seen porn before?

    3. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      @Grego I agree. #Goofy get to work 

    4. Ebzekro


      He has two phones. One phone is named Allison in his other phone. Checkmate Atheists. 

      11 hours ago, Orgondo said:

      Someones a virgin


      Orgondo gets it

  8. draMa

  9. draMa

    wanna hangout?
  10. draMa

    Well now you have everyone reading this post and now they’ll downvote you too lol if it’s one guy downvoting you, just post good content and you’ll get more likes than dislikes so it won’t matter. But ultimately forum rep really doesn’t matter
  11. draMa

    Well making a post about how much it bothers you is probably the opposite of what you’d want to do. That’s the reason they do it
  12. APD wins again 


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    2. rapidaax


      When I comped 5m? Yeah I think so @DeadPooL

    3. communistjosh
    4. Ryan


      Is it fucked that I found this shit to be hilarious instead of feeling bad for them?


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