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  1. Don’t buy a hunter, they blow up too easy. Ask @Genghis Khan
  2. Yeah if he’s staring at the medic with his gun out is what I was talking about.
  3. Then you can report him for not valuing his life. Win win. But yes they will try to sneak a revive, especially the lower ranks.
  4. Poor medic control buddy, gotta do better.
  5. This link will get you ready then tell you where to go to apply. Good luck, any questions just feel free to message me!
  6. Nice combat pull
  7. If you have proof of these things then submit a report and he will most likely be kicked off, or at the very least written up or demoted. Don’t let one bad medic represent all the medics.
  8. People like you are the worst. There’s so many variables that could’ve played a part. Could’ve been hostage, low rank that just got medic still figuring out the faction, people requested before you, if someone killed you they could’ve texted saying you’re denied. You literally didn’t put any details in your post. I can tell you he wasn’t afk, @Isaac Newton and the supervisors are VERY strict about that. If you know for a fact he was afk then submit a report.
  9. Goodnight
  10. Why is everyone complaining about the money you make from it? Yall fight cartels 10 hours a day dying, regearing, reinsuring vehicles, buying ifrits. Everyone wanted more combat, they add something with more combat and suddenly it’s about money lol RUNS are for money. That being said I think it’s pretty fun to do so far, look forward to seeing how much it changes.
  11. Congrats on Supervisor @Fusah awesome to add another Sr Medic who actually plays :)

  12. You aren’t fooling anyone with that fake age you 40 year old spastic @Corporal_Moob happy birthday though :wub:


  13. @TehJellyDonut my hero

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