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  1. If we message the APD saying someone is talking shit about the Penguins and trying to rob me, what’s the percentage that you show up with lethals loaded
  2. Anyone play rocket league? Diamond 3+ preferably. Need more people to play with, solo queuing is awful

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    2. Mermaid Man

      Mermaid Man

      @draMa Trying to teach a friend how to play RL but kinda ass... Stuck at plat 3, but if we played 3's it would be op.

    3. draMa
    4. Azeh


      6 hours ago, tacosmell said:

      @draMa Me and @Mermaid Man are the next big thing just wait. If you want to do 3's we are down.

      "Next big thing"
      You're plat, bud. 

  3. Y’all help me out I’m retarded, how you post pictures without getting that size limit error? I try the insert link into post or whatever but doesn’t work for me. Pls :rolleyes:

    1. Jazzy
    2. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      Upload it to imgur. Rightclick the image thats uploaded to imgur and then post the link. Automatically displays the image. 


      "Copy image adress"

    3. Dαnte


      Gyazo it. Then right click it and copy image address. Paste. 

  4. Is there a deadline to apply? Currently in the middle of moving but would be interested in applying sometime next week.
  5. Crazy the Thunder/Sonics drafted 3 MVPs and got stuck with the worst one :bender-dance:

  6. o7 @Joce Appreciate all the work you’ve done for R&R in your long stint as a Senior. Glad you’ll be sticking around to play here and there. Always here for you brotha

  7. Been a long time coming bro! Gonna be boolin in the Command Office 24/7 now. Washington state taking over R&R ;)

    1. Prime


      Jerry is a proud man right now

    2. draMa
  8. Congrats @Prime and @Mita on the promotions! 

    1. Prime


      Big thanks to you brotha 

  9. See you when you get back young alec, always here for you bro.
  10. Extra month of motm access for it
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/dramaRL
  12. Congrats on Corporal again OG @RogueMK


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