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  1. oh hey 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. drama


      Is @Ryan killing my server

    3. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Ryan has crucified the server in Jewish tradition

    4. Ryan


      Fuck all you guys 

  2. If the server donation goes up tonight it’s just because I ran @Ryan’s pockets dry 1v1ing on cod mobile for $20 a game

    1. Civak


      if only you ran those tickets dry 😤😤

    2. obeymatt


      Shits easy just hook up your ps4 controller to your iPhone and start shitting 

  3. How did you get speech to text in arma 3
  4. Bring back @codeYeTi for his birthday!!!!

    1. Grego


      @codeYeTi will have to sign a contract saying not to dupe a dms again

  5. Ryan

    yo you're too easy to carry on COD Mobile

  6. o7s only boys. See you in Janesville brother
  7. People really mad over what GOAT said when they say shit way worse than that lmao it’s a video game and this shit been toxic for years. If he hurt your feelings that bad just sign off

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    2. Edweirdo


      can that dude goat look at my ban appeal or is all he does shitpost on the forums

    3. JuanDeaged
    4. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      @drama but at the same time it’s not always how who is the most toxic. All staff members talk shit behind closed doors, I acquired enough soundboards throughout the years to prove anything anyone says otherwise. But there is a difference between being toxic/racist behind closed doors with friends as a joke in comparison to telling everyone on the public forum that they have autism. 

  8. Gardner Minshew > That Drew guy

    1. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      minshew is a god among men

    2. Dante


      Legit thought dude was gonna be RG3 v2 when he stayed in the game hobbling like that 

    3. drama


      Brees the goat. But minshew the next MVP

    1. Mudiwa


      how did u get this picture of me

  9. No y’all go where you don’t have to use effort to revive lol
  10. I’m hoping for half payout revives in kavala next so y’all actually move around
  11. mod drippp make it happen

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    2. Zurph


      @Ryan i would of loved to try and help the server but i cant even get support so i cba anymore.

    3. Elements


      so can i get map designer and make a new rebel

    4. Drippp


      Yessssssssss, get me on the staff team.

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