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  1. @Full send Infamous The fuck you mean not a gang member https://olympus-entertainment.com/olympus-stats/index.php?pid=76561198150776296
  2. These bots that came from a shit server known as Asylum say they gonna take over Olympus within a month, and their active players actually receive paychecks... What in the roleplay is going on here. https://gyazo.com/62cec1111801f07db8b576eddc96664c https://gyazo.com/c8891e578d7e76efa2d11885b13d976f https://gyazo.com/cbb36d65812b491a90e91ca2be189dca They also ended war with EVERYONE lmfao https://olympus-entertainment.com/olympus-stats/gang.php?gid=27675
  3. if u want it msg me in game

  4. @Strafe he is talking about the mxm, which is a Corp+ taser so it definitely is above 250k
  5. CMR taser Promet taser Ak-12 taser MXM taser Type-115 taser Spar-16s taser Mk-1 taser Mar-10 taser Mar-10 lethal 7.62 suppressor .338 suppressor
  6. Chop, oh chop, what can we do about you. Betting got the best of you again?
  7. Yeah normal mx's have like always been 250k lol
  8. Betting definently is a legit way of making money, nothing better than stealing hours worth of someones hard earned shekels in 5 seconds or going bankrupt and restarting again. Shit is hella fun either way lmfao
  9. Literally got banned for 3 days, made an appeal and hopped into teamspeak as soon as I got banned, nothing happened until the ban was auto removed after the 3 days. Then the mod that banned me responded that day and gave the proof but then resolved the case so I couldn't respond. Then made a general inquiry asking why tf I got banned when I legit didn't do anything. 3 day rdm ban for sitting in a car restrained. Also no one has responded to my general inquiry asking about it and it has been 8 days now, only on Olympus I swear lmfao. https://youtu.be/wOtWhGr9IzQ @Billeh Was that at the bank btw? Legit all of us thought it was an actual medic orca and we got some advanced medics and they even thought it was lmfao Wait I am confused asf about that medic orca, just gonna leave it cause I got no idea xD
  10. If Versus beats Plague I'm uninstalling Arma
  11. LOL that was a bit embarrassing to hear about over discord xD
  12. I have been surfing around the market place but I can't find any solid answers. I would like to know the price of 1) Mar-10 lethal 2) DMS 3) Armed Quillen 4) Armed Prowler 5) Zafir 6) Armed Huron 7) Armed Ghost Hawk 8) RPG-7
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