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  1. i do i also have the garage at the pro lucky i dont play much anymore or haven't in the last 2-3 years i just relog to refresh my houses every now and again
  2. good dude would unban asap
  3. had this issues was a motherboard try taking out a ram stick and or gpus at a time it may boot if not get new board the older boards are getting harder to find tho good luck luis
  4. show this og some love 


  5. the moose is loose and back on Olympus come say hi https://www.twitch.tv/hamofmoose

  6. taxi was made originally for a few select people who really only rpd as taxi drivers with that said there are set rules here are some "SPBojo" Taxi Driver vehicles are not to be stolen This is not effective while inside a red/illegal zone If you or a passenger attempt to engage in a hostile manner towards another player then the Taxi is no longer immune to being stolen. This simply means if you are flying someone around and they attempt to engage and kill/rob/hostage take another player your vehicle can then be stolen. If you are defending yourself from someone who has engaged on you first then it can not be stolen. Taxi drivers may be robbed of anything they have on their person or inside their vehicle. If instructed to unlock a vehicle, unlock it so the person may take any goods out of it but the vehicle can still not be stolen. If you refuse to unlock it for the purpose of letting a player steal the items then your vehicle may be picked and stolen. While "On-Duty" Taxi drivers may not partake in hostage taking or robbing others This also means you can not get someone and take them to another group to become a hostage willingly. If while driving someone, a group states to pull over so they can take the person hostage, you may abide by the demands to preserve your own life. You must inform the passenger why you are pulling over. Taxi drivers may issue a fee for driving a player from Point A to Point B The driver can receive this money before the drive if they wish but the price & place must be agreed upon first Once paid the Taxi driver must take the person to the agreed upon place. Taxi drivers are not to issue any fess unless they are giving a ride to a person and a fee amount has been agreed upon first.. On-Duty is effective when a person is using a Taxi Skinned vehicle.

    1. QKSILVR73
    2. Orgondo


      The bloopers are so cringeful


  8. some one should be over this weekend to buy my zx10r
  9. do go to far ill miss ya some of the best times
  10.  3 day ban for picking up a gun off the ground after a kid kills him self trying to vdm me lulz  thanks for the free gun 

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    2. Joel


      I told you yesterday....

    3. Linka


      i mean, you can't really call anything stupid.

      only thing stupid is the person who does it tbh,

      and from when I was in MC, you were pretty fucking stupid so

  11. https://www.cyberpowerpc.com/category/gaming-pcs/ https://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Gamer_Infinity_8800_Pro
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