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  1. Bear828

    anyway you could tell us the maps we'll be playing so the newer/returning/shitty players can start practicing callouts and such so we have a small chance against you filthy Globals?
  2. Bear828

  3. Bear828

    o7 You tilt me often times when we play you fucking mong but still fun as fuck to hang out with you dawg Are you quitting BPM as a whole, or just Olympus?
  4. Bear828

  5. Check dm's D:

  6. Bear828

    I've got like close to 300 hours on cs lmao, hmu for the shitter squad guys
  7. Bear828

    Highest I've ever placed is Gold Nova 1, and that was when I actually played. Also I call dibs on @Evann because have you seen those fucking montages?
  8. Bear828

    Same here lol. I get a student discount so it's only $20 a month for all Adobe software
  9. Bear828

    of Arma?
  10. Bear828

    I just started using Premiere (got tired of Sony Vegas). I just need clips right now so I can try stuff out
  11. Bear828

    I'm currently learning video production. If anyone wants a nice little (most-likely short) montage of their clips, PM me them! Side note: I'm doing this because I really want to practice editing a video game montage, with my own skills. You give me the clips, I'll edit them to the best of my abilities. (I'm choosing the song and everything suck it nerd, I'm not gonna make a montage with some country ass song or pop).
  12. Bear828

    I would love a position at Olympus as a designer or contributor, however, I have zero experience with texture or map design. I bet I could make some dope-ass textures, I just have no clue how to make it work on a texture file. I've tried a bunch to teach myself via videos but they're all pretty ass at explaining it all. The videos more-so go into the technical side of texture design like how to import it and all/what files you need, but they fail to go in-depth with their designing procedures. The texture files that you design over are a shit show to understand in my opinion (lol). The various pieces of the texture aren't even layered so you have to hand cut everything out which is annoying as hell, and I can't even tell what I'm cutting lol. I guess I have all the right skills in all the wrong places! Three years of experience and I never really thought of giving texture design a go.
  13. Bear828

    when more people are upset about the spoilers than the hackers being back, lmao.
  14. ya'll ever just grave-dig posts?

    1. NokiaStrong



    2. Richard


      Ur on a roll today 

    3. Bear828


      @RDyer216 I've been so goddamn bored during class this week since I shat out essays last weekend


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