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  1. Back at it again today! I'm going to be streaming while I design member commissions!
  2. I'm a freelance graphic designer (branding specialist) with over 2 years of experience in the world of design. I offer a wide range of services regarding design. You're new branding is only a PM away! *No Real World Money! I'm only accepting in-game items or currency!* *Due to a higher than average request for designs, I've had to slightly increase my pricing!* General Branding Services Logo Design: $3,000,000 Forum Banner: $1,750,000 Forum Profile Picture: $1,500,000 Social Media Branding (Profile Pictures/Banners/Headers/Etc): Varies Advertisement/Announcement Designs: $2,000,000 Stream Branding (Twitch/YouTube) Overlays: $1,500,000 Stream Screens (Offline, Intermission, BRB, Etc): $1,500,000 Info Panels: $100,000 / each Banners: $1,750,000 My Portfolio https://slbranding.com/ If there are other types of designs you were interested in having made but don't see them up there, feel free to ask and I'll let you know as to whether or not it is within my capabilities!
  3. Bear828

    If there's ever a need for a designer outside of the "texturing" side, let me know! My Portfolio: https://slbranding.com/portfolio/
  4. Here is the final product, let me know what you all think!
  5. Bear828

    I'm streaming as I design a bunch of stuff tonight! Especially the Olympus redesign! twitch.tv/sl_branding
  6. Bear828

    Looking to buy a S2 Kavala house. It has to be close to the Square. Name your prices and show proof!
  7. Bear828

    What are you guys? I might join in on this, but I don't feel like downloading R6 again if you're all Diamonds lmao
  8. Bear828

    I see you are a man of culture
  9. Bear828

    If anyone here makes logos in Photoshop ima need you to point them out right now so I can get my pitchfork ready... just kidding. Seriously though, don't make logos in Photoshop. I always sketch out my logo concepts before I actually make them digitally and refined. I'll be doing this with the logo soon, possibly tonight or tomorrow so fear not, you won't have to stare at my shitty for long!
  10. Bear828

    @BrothaCain @Millennium at your requests here is the sketch of the logo I chose to go with an finalize. I scrapped all other concepts as they weren't very good, nor presentable. I apologize to everyone for my shitty sketch work. Not even a ruler can keep me from fucking up a straight line. The 3 pillars are meant to signify the 3 servers Olympus runs. The top bar is meant to be kind of like the staff/contributors sheltering said pillars and watching over it. I was going to add something at the bottom to signify the player base that keeps it all standing and together, but I decided to scrap this idea since the design is already quite busy. I added wings in order to keep some of Olympus' current branding intact, and give the more veteran players a sense of familiarity. Feel free to let me know what you all think! I'll be finalizing the design soon and then creating the branding showcase to give it a much more presentable environment. Edit: I forgot to mention why I went the direction I did with the main "architecture". Since the name Olympus is from the ancient Greek mythology "Mt. Olympus", I went ahead and referenced different ancient Greek architecture like the Parthenon.
  11. Bear828

    I'll be posting the concept design I've been working on when I have finalized, and put it together digitally! I don't know how long until this would happen (could be tonight, could be a few days) since I have client designs to work on. It will be posted, though! I decided just now that I'd go all out and create an entire branding showcase of the logo to allow people to better understand the depth and meaning put into! This means it might take a little longer to post too hehe...
  12. Not sure if this is a joke that went over my head or not (lol), but I'm currently only accepting in-game currency in exchange for my services from Olympus community members.
  13. Bear828

    [None of this is official, I'm simply creating my take on the brand!] Hey everyone! I'm currently coming up with concepts and sketches of a new Olympus Entertainment logo in my own style of design and thinking. I'm a newer member here, so I would imagine some of you may have already thought of stuff like this, so I'd love to hear them! I'll PM my current progress of the design to anyone that is actually interested in seeing what I'm up to haha.

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