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  1. I agree except for the very last part. There is only 1 CTF and that player is boosting the titan hit stat LOL
  2. I'm limited on finger movement?
  3. Maybe there's some truth then?
  4. As expected, I offended Silla members so here they are replying to the thread
  5. There are many big/rich gangs on the server. These servers have a constant player base on the server. These gangs are large and have a large sum of money in their funds. Out of all of them, in my opinion, Silla is (by far) the worst one. Don't think I'm tilted and I'm posting this out of anger because I'm not. I would HATE for Silla to end our war as my war point income would suffer tremendously. I know several gangs that use them ass war point farms (including my own). The low ranking members tend to RDM a lot. Their weed runs are extremely profitable from both war points as well as normal mo

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