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  1. did you downvote because of the sound XD
  2. https://youtu.be/o4Nudw8j6ek im a squeaker
  3. I tried for like 20 minutes because I had seen it before but needed to seen it again
  4. What are the tiers and rewards and how many arrests for each
  5. Thanks ashy as if my voice is that much higher than yours
  6. Yea that glitch keeps fucking happening it’s annoying for me because I can’t stop the music I always have it in the background
  7. Ashton, baby, we are the same age <3
  8. For the memes my man, my mic always gets stuck during soft restart and I play Africa by Toto during the time it happens
  9. Why does my gang get so much hate. If you want to go out of your way to shit talk my gang, just direct it towards me. The people in my gang have done nothing wrong. If you are going to shit talk find something accurate to say. Direct hate to me, not my gang and the people I spend time with. Thanks - WV A Vigis Cum Rag
  10. Join us at WV we treat everyone with the respect they deserve. We also rob and do cartels all the time, we are also super active, I’ll send you a discord link when you respond.
  11. Imibit


    I should have worded my paragraph correctly, I didn’t really mean “deserve” as much as want the chance to earn it
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