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  1. any1 wanna play rust


  2. Zakaloko

    Actually @Ryan gave permissions to let the medic gun the hawk but he said idk about @Mercury.
  3. Happy Birthday @Xirie 

  4. Zakaloko

    Stop being toxic Afro Head
  5. Zakaloko

    o7, keep it safe! Good Luck in the Future.
  6. If anyone one of you guys play Rust and looking for an extra body message. Im new though

    1. Josh122
    2. Orgondo


      Why you tagging me fool, I ain't recruiting scrubs

    3. Josh122
  7. happy birthday @1-800TryHards


  8. Zakaloko

    Not to be Toxic idk why you guys think your the “Top” cartel gang on Olympus?
  9. Zakaloko

    When is @Fuzz^ v @Pledge round 2?
  10. @Brolaf HI CORPORAL BROLAF PATROL OFFICER ZAK REPORTING FOR DUTY!!! Congrats fellow Filipino brother 

    1. 1-800TryHards
    2. Brolaf


      Thanks fellow Filipino!

  11. how many arrest do you need to be tier 3 vigi?

  12. Happy Birthday u monkey @Mutiny 


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