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  1. bro that's some old arma fighting shit dude XD. get in to a fight with a gang and all of a sudden your TS is like hes…...over...…….hel…….ah...….eee.. very true. Ive seen hackers do a lot worse BS then ddos
  2. I agree. it is very loos subject and that's my point. But as its written, it says nothing about how many gang tags are on, how big of a group is heavy gang activity, thers just to much grey in there. And a hawk is extremely impactful. A lot of players do not like getting wasted by hawk when all they have is a 30k bounty and an sting lol. I feel it should be clarified and used for evetns on the server that are more impactful. what do you think?
  3. Your to young for this convo dude. Im talking micros and macros and your on some weird ass personal vendetta XD. If that's the case man then don't read it or post lol. Its pretty easy lol
  4. Okay that's fine. But make that in the rule then. My point is anyone can interpret that rule anyway. We have 3 different interpretations of this rule already. I see the rule as we are fighting the cops and after seeing we have 8 gang members they respawn and come back with a hawk. not just randomly flying around until we see players to kill Kid id like to have a civil convo with you but you obviously are uncapable of that. I would argue that 6+ or 8+ is heavey gang activity. look at Black water. 30+ players have to do it to over come hawks.
  5. So the ghost hawk came after 3 guys. But we never engaged him in the first place. It wasn't even a response. He was patrolling just to patrol. And eventually used the excuse that we had a tempest out. He justified 3 gang members as heavy gang activity.
  6. I would absolutely agree! 3 guys with guns to me is not heavy gang activity. Yet a hawk will chase 1 guy in a little bird. More importantly police will say, theres a lot of different gang tags on the server. That's heavy gang activity. Let patrol with the ghost hawk.
  7. Okay but what does heavy gang activity mean? that's my point
  8. Not even gunna go down that road right now. Please explain how you interpret this rule "Ghosthawk patrols may be used to respond to heavy gang activity."
  9. are you going to tell me how you interpret the rule of ghost hawks or not man. or are you having a hard time justifying killing 1player with it
  10. You never answered the question. Explain how you interpret the rule of ghost hawks? yes we did. we healed him released him 600k from a garage. It was because we didn't release him right away after robbing him.
  11. Theres a report submitted right now for robbing a cop an dnot releasing him at the first garage we passed. So we held him for 1min after robbing him. And the admin agreed we broke the rules
  12. Weird then why was my guy banned for it?
  13. You basically said we don't understand the rules lol kid its written right there. That's an extremely poor argument. You are on here because you know where right. and you don't want to admit it. your part of the problem. I expect to see more ghost hawks abused because of this post. And I was right. Ether way. stop acting like you have a higher knowledge of server rules. That's argument from authority and its a poor argument. Ether you explain how you interpret the rule or how it should be written so players don't misinterpret the rule. I don't wanna hear you try and and belittle me. Obviously I'm not the only player who feels this way. So your not doing yourself any favors ether. So you explain how you interpret the rule of ghost hawks So verbal or written is good for that but not for APD breaking rules and lying 2 seconds after. gotcha I would also not say this is not really dramatic. It was showing how rules are not followed how they are written. And its done a lot from the APD.
  14. I do. Its usually used for emphasizing a topic or importance. As for evidence, even if I show our videos it will always come down to, the APD bending rules to their liking. That's just how it is. There has been to many rules that are not followed as written. Example of this is when robbing. We have robbed cops, let them go within 1k of a garage, within 15mins. A new rule not written, of if u rob someone they need to be unrestrained immediately at the closest garage was implemented on us. A rule that is not written. I have seen vigis get banned for not saying "your going to jail" A very small mistake. Yet they get banned for it. A rule for police "Ghosthawk patrols may be used to respond to heavy gang activity." should have the same consequence. This rule needs to be rewritten as to what it means. Theres to much grey area. Lets be real man. A ghost hawk used for 3 or even 5 gang members is over done. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Ya its great u have that ability. But police loose nothing. You are the bully's of the server. To abuse your ability on civies that loose a lot for what you do to them is a dick move. If police had lost the gear on death then so be it. But they don't. To make a server enjoyable you need to allow civilians to win sometimes. Even if its small victory's but that doesn't happen.

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