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  1. 3YS

    I wasnt moving
  2. 3YS

    im not real anymore @billybobjoe @Billybobjoe
  3. 3YS

    i mean for me right now i was loading and and he engage and tased me right after restart
  4. I believe you should not be able to engage on someone while they are loading in or at least 2 minutes since they have loaded in to give them a chance to actually defend themselves.
  5. 3YS

  6. The second explosion was the best
  7. https://gyazo.com/271dd52d104e29f0234ceaf947225022 https://gyazo.com/af765d2c53e74cc61c837e45c387b671
  8. Honestly i just posted this for some likes the shed isnt there anymore so maybe it was just fucked
  9. I wanted to check if smaller helis could fit
  10. 3YS

    200k for mx
  11. 3YS

    ill sell u 1 mx taser
  12. 3YS

    Yikes thats an L
  13. 3YS

    Feels bad XD

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