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  1. c221d573d166d58a9dd9721e9af41eea.jpg

    1. Joce


      Good to see you Suki

    2. Legendary
    3. Viper


      I was so small back then @Legendary but id still kick sukis fat fucking ass AND I STILL have more money than him ImAgInE that

  2. YEET


    1. Civak


      that's what you deserve for doxing a bunch of kids

    2. Lime


      The redcoats are comin!

  3. Should've happened a long time ago, glad to see you go. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. JuanDeaged


      @Evan C I mean when I appealed it a while ago I was apart of support team and in the APD all under the age of 16 with age exceptions soooo ...

    3. Evannnnn


      @JuanDeaged then why didnt you say you were 15 asking for an age exception?

    4. Viper


      @Evan C shut yo ass, suki is gone bless the lord

  4. o7

    1. Bloodmoon


      Dude's on permanent LOA, no clue how he's still around lmao

    2. Edweirdo
    3. Lukeee


      I have almost 1400 hours on the server and i have seen him in game 1 time


  5. FUCK YOU SUKI, Your a shitty admin and a shitty person


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    2. Jimmy Jones
    3. proud


      not an admin but ok

    4. CommanderSuki


      Lol im not and have never been a admin or a staff member but ill probably Jack of later i guess that counts as fucking my self or my hand.

  6. Some cops are nice i've been let go after beating a guy senseless because he hit me in the back of my head and his friends attacked me and my friends but ive also met one who looked like he was on coke and wanted to fight me he kept pushing me threw me on the ground put handcuffs on me and started kicking me in the side and face with his knee i even got a ticket for pushing him even though i never touched him or resisted. I've seen a friend being beaten up the in the back of a police car with a flashlight because he was standing near a fight and watching we had to piss on there car to get them away from him so we could get him out. I dont trust cops but some are nice depends on the area your in and the cop your dealing with. One of the funniest things i've seen was a cops reaction when he looked in my closet with airsoft weapons the dude grabbed his gun and almost shit himself when he saw a M60, M4, 2 Colt M1911, M203 grenade launcher plus grenades and a couple of other weapons i had a good laugh with his buddy because of that.
  7. There is a glitch in the ticket system that sometimes changes the last 3 numbers in the steam id used to be the last 2 but it started changing the last 3 some months ago i dont if all staff and Sr members are aware of it.
  8. I have TS installed already didnt check that i ahve ts on the application

    1. gaz
    2. CommanderSuki


      A reply in the application is enough posting it on the forum is unnecessary and won't speed up the process.

  9. The amount of R&R members is actually high it's almost like during the summer we usually go under 200 when people go back to school this time last year we had 197 members but i guess the migration from Asylum has kept the numbers up.

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