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  1. 9. April Danish movie about the Danish bicycle infantry company and a motorcycle platoon who was sent to stop the German advance when they invaded denmark. Memphis Belle A Bridge Too Far (1977) Black Hawk Down Dunkirk There is a lot more but those are some of my favorites.
  2. Its not even that old
  3. So my secondary hard drive is having some problems i can access it but i cant use it its running on a 100% usage most of the time and everything is slow i can start most of the games on it but they are barely able to run if they don't crash on startup does anyone have some experience with this and know some possible fixes?
  4. Can i speak to you about getting un-blacklisted from R&R, thank you

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    2. Ignis


      Dude I would just stop replying lol

    3. Linka


      @Ignis some people think they can keep going 

    4. Danat





  5. I would like to wish you a happy holidays. Do you think as a early Christmas present I could get unblacklisted. I wish you and your family the best over the holidays! Have a nice day :)

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    2. Fedot



    3. Mustache_Schultz
    4. John xx

      John xx

      Damnit you got my hopes up when you said “we review blacklists”

  6. Tbh i've heard some kids in the PD AND R&R who are obviously under 14 not even 16 so unless there is 16yr olds who haven't hit puberty they are under aged so idk why i get punished for being 15. don't want to get banned so don't take this like its aimed at you its just a genuine question. 

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    2. CommanderSuki


      Lol kid i know my faction isn't useless and i do know that little shitters like you come to this community just to be assholes and ruin the fun for everyone else if you dont like the R&R dont request if you dont like that the R&R is apart of this community then fuck off no one is forcing your sorry little dimwit of a brain to stay here i dont really care if you are being bullied or your dad is touching you but dont let it be everyone else's problem try therapy and stop throwing the word cunt around as if you actually know what it is.

    3. Unjo


      R&R isnt useless if you can afford the 10k

    4. Homicide


      @Kuzkay you are an autistic lil fuk RAnd R is needed as much as cops are a pillar in this community something you are not why dont u dig a hole put yourself and ur shitty computer and bury urself sorry u arent relevant or a pillar in this community for us to care about your motherfuking opinions Leave the server if u dont like it we need ur shitty attitude

  7. Thanks for replying to my R&R App i am new so i don't really  know about this stuff.


    1. DashTonic


      If you got any questions I'll answer them for you

  8. Hey is there any chance i could be unblacklisted 

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    2. CommanderSuki


      Well thats not the best you could have done it.

    3. Xeltini


      Sing a song to the coordinator and maybe he will let the community decide


    4. Last
  9. My fix was a secondary monitor and then after sometime a 3rd monitor so i could have YouTube on one TS on another and game on the middle one.
  10. If you can handle Overwolf fucking with some of your programs then yes use that it works very well sometimes.
  11. Happy Date of Birth Try to get some Suki Suki :246966791761297408:

    1. CommanderSuki


      Hehe tank you good sir :D Suki is on a hunt for more suki :pog:


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