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  1. Roses are red, and they say love's not made to last,

    But I know I'll never get enough of that sweet, sweet ass.

    All that jelly in your jeans, all that junk in your trunk,

    I just gotta have it - one look and I was sunk.

    If you ever wonder why I had to make you mine,

    It's 'cause no other lady has a tush so fine.

    They say you're not a looker, but I don't mind.

    What I'm looking at is the view from behind.

    Never been romantic, don't know what love means, 

    But I know I dig the way you're wearing those jeans.

    Hate to see you leave but love to watch you go.

    Turn back, then leave again - baby do it slow.

    I'm coming right after, gonna make a pass, 

    Can't get enough of that sweet, sweet ass.

    1. Prime


      You can @ me next time 

    2. Ignis
  2. happy birthday to us!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CommanderSuki


      @J O E Do you need a tissue to wipe those bitch boy eyes after daddy came to your room or are you alright?

    3. J O E

      J O E

      Holy shit I feel so roasted

    4. CommanderSuki


      A sore ass would be a more appropriate feeling but i guess you're used to it by now.

  3. Happy Birthday! 


    1. HunterBklyn


      Only you Kyle... only you would do this.

    2. CommanderSuki
  4. Happy Birthday! :bender-dance:

    1. CommanderSuki
    2. HunterBklyn


      By the way I was the first person to wish you happy bday. Even though you gave me a documented counseling...

  5. CommanderSuki

    Google it theres loads of videos showing exactly what you want to do step by step.
  6. @Kyle Lake Is that you?


    1. LiL J

      LiL J

      Incorrect thats @Decimus:lol:

    2. MAV


      both wrong that goth ass could only be non other than @Strikke

    3. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      I think that is actually @Destruct

  7. CommanderSuki

    We removed your blacklist yes didn't let you in because of it 2 different things. Yes you were suspended for a no brainer you decided to tell medics to passenger seat other people that also makes you a hypocrite when you say medics should get there head out of there ass i mean your dumb enough to vdm and tell other medics to do the same to other people while playing as a medic. Btw you had already been warned but you didn't care. You submitted a loa from 6/21/2018 to 8/16/2018 exceeding our then maximum of 2 weeks with 1 month and 12 days so you should expect it would be denied.
  8. CommanderSuki

    Im not going to trash the APD i actually like some of the members they do a great job but the APD is just unfortunate with some of the members they have so is the R&R i mean we let you in.
  9. CommanderSuki

    Sounds like Metro he is not fully developed.
  10. giphy.gif

    1. draMa


      This is the most innocent thing suki has ever sent. Best birthday ever!

    2. CommanderSuki


      Eh it was supposed to make you feel uncomfortable i have failed but i will try again.


  11. hello commandersuki i was wondering if i can apply for R&R i have all of the qualification. but when i first submitted the request i didn't have the exact time required but now i have everything checked may i have permission to apply for R&R the reason i am asking for your permission is you told me to wait two weeks before resubmitting but i just wanted to ask if you can be lenient? message me when you can.

    1. Rossco


      I would recommend pming someone for a request like this in the future....I would also recommend for the future, for you to just be patient for situations such as this. Meaning don't message a senior for a test/app or the like and just simply wait like the rest of us had too. GL

    2. CommanderSuki


      Just follow the instructions you were given and dont post shit like this on my profile when all the info you need already have been given to you.

  12. CommanderSuki

    No i dont care about you or your feelings this post proves you are immature and blacklisting you was the best thing we could have done you think we are in the wrong but it is very clearly stated in our prerequisites that anyone caught lying in a application will be permanently blacklisted from R&R and you still decided to lie so now your blacklisted and your spoiled little brain cant handle it. I know we changed the permanent part into at least 18 months but you just managed to get Mercury to make your blacklist permanent and he is the nice guy so congratulations enjoy it.
  13. CommanderSuki

    I dont mind being the bad guy and having the reputation of a cold hearted dick but people tend to forget that we the top boys of the R&R made the guidelines together to make it easier for us to handle blacklists im just the messenger and yes 90% of the blacklists we have for lying about age are mine because applications and finding information is my specialty so sure kids hate me but again i dont mind those who choose to lie will not get any type of sympathy from me.
  14. CommanderSuki

    I'm thinking 2014 when i think old ranks.

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