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  1. CommanderSuki

    The medic is a hostage or at least should be when with rebels in that area so no you cant but if you have evidence of a medic volunteering to be a hostage please let the Sr. R&R know so we can deal with the shit for brains. Depends on why you get detained always has.
  2. I'm not sure if you read your messages. If so I sent you one addressing something. I put all the details in the message.

  3. Blacklisted me from med because my birthday is in 1 month and a few days. I assured him I was mature but I guess I'm not a good enough player for the job even though I put around 200 hours into this server and dedicated my time to writing a good appeal and a good backstory. just some bs man. Then called me a liar just because I put 16 in the box but then continued to explain I was 16 in a month.

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    2. Dante


      But when you’re in your 20s...hiding age isn’t really an issue ;)

    3. GhostFace


      Real name Mitch stiles

      Dob: 01/26/95


    4. Metro


      August 6th 1999 (shows publicly on my profile) 

      Name; Guess 3 times

      Also if you don't like having people know your name in your email make a fake one 

  4. CommanderSuki

    1.1. Medics may only use items and equipment available for purchase at R&R facilities, general stores, and legal markets.
  5. Fucking blacklisted me from medic because I was 3 months from being 16

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    2. draMa


      Last I checked “3 months from 16” isn’t 16. Why even apply when you see 16 is the requirement? Man people get more retarded by the day.

    3. Headless


      +1 and the right thing is to immediately come to forums and flame his decision instead of taking the blacklist.

    4. CommanderSuki


      Some times it still confuses me that people get surprised and offended by it i mean it's literally written in the prerequisites what will happen if they are stupid enough to lie about there age. 6. Anyone caught lying on an application will be permanently blacklisted from the R&R.


  6. CommanderSuki

    Well i don't know then
  7. CommanderSuki

    Dont know if this helps but my pc sometimes resets my recording device to my sound card instead of my headset microphone this fucks with arma so i cant talk ingame until i change it back to the microphone im using it still works in other programs just not arma so what im getting at is make sure your microphone is set as the default recording device.
  8. CommanderSuki

    12. Medics cannot be stripped or robbed of their clothing, equipment or items.
  9. CommanderSuki

    Shit i have 38 of them and i sometimes give them to people instead of a lollipop
  10. Does anyone play War Thunder? What rank are you at and do you fly or drive?

    1. Tommy


      hell yea i drive around in my Dicker Max blowing up motherfuckers

  11. CommanderSuki

    9. April Danish movie about the Danish bicycle infantry company and a motorcycle platoon who was sent to stop the German advance when they invaded denmark. Memphis Belle A Bridge Too Far (1977) Black Hawk Down Dunkirk There is a lot more but those are some of my favorites.
  12. CommanderSuki

    Its not even that old
  13. CommanderSuki

    So my secondary hard drive is having some problems i can access it but i cant use it its running on a 100% usage most of the time and everything is slow i can start most of the games on it but they are barely able to run if they don't crash on startup does anyone have some experience with this and know some possible fixes?

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