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  1. most of the sapd doesnt have fingers prove me wrong

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Strae :)

      Strae :)

      They say we don't have fingers but do you ever look at the people that fight cap ?


    3. EricZ


      @Snort we all know you have fingers

      there just not all the way there ;) 

    4. Linka


      On 6/26/2019 at 1:33 AM, Kamikaze said:

      @Luke Duke is nuts

      should’ve seen him in his prime 

  2. not home pm me tomorrow
  3. EricZ

    o7 Brothers.

    i took a 7 day for that
  4. EricZ

    o7 Brothers.

    bruhh im gonna miss my juul buddy miss vital w u bb gl in life
  5. on god fuck that @Hylos guy no cap pledge don't want the juul pod smoke
  6. unban him! But since you did die the engagement ends. But @Outcast unban this lad!!
  7. your smoking fat dick how about 5m?
  8. drop a price drop an offer
  9. xd yeye make sure i own arms if you buy mk1 mags
  10. have mags for most guns besides the mk1 which you can just go buy at rebel im at school ill take one when im home

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