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  1. Eased

    None of the names in this video are surprising.
  2. Eased

    To clarify... does this mean Medics cannot initiate or receive bets at all?
  3. Eased

    Having "Life Control" unsecured was just asking for trouble in the first place. I remember stumbling upon it by accident and immediately questioning how secure it was. Now we know. You guys could implement an IP whitelist for access to life control in the mean time (or permanently) until the dev can fix the vulnerability. Olympus has Cloudflare - USE IT! Firewall rules are included which could easily secure the life control panel by IP address. Not a fan of Cloudflare? Use the OVH firewall then. So many solutions other than disabling it all-together and waiting for Cyberbyte Studios to implement a fix.
  4. Eased

    This is what I mean. So just remove it. Add another run instead. I'm not trying to defend salvage here. I'm literally saying to remove it.
  5. Eased

    Right I understand that, but civ council basically killed salvage with the SDV update and now another nerf. It's going to turn into Vehicle Manufacturing - something nobody does (which is clearly the goal with the salvage updates). Might as well just remove it, replace it with another run all together. If it's intentional to kill salvage, just do it and be done with it.
  6. Eased

    Why not just remove salvage?
  7. I don't think this post went as planned for the OP. Now says they made the post intentionally for bad rep? Yea, okay. Delusional thinking that they're helping "clean" the server when the OP is in-fact the problem with the server: toxicity. Who submits a player report for 50k comp? Let alone on a medic. I looked at the gyazo and it didn't even look intentional. Your just being a child. Grow up.
  8. Eased

  9. Eased

    Congrats on Owner

  10. Eased

    Nah it's great now.
  11. Eased

    Signature is not long enough... Oops...
  12. Eased

  13. Eased


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