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  1. Isaac Newton

  2. Isaac Newton

    Dark theme is fine as long as people just use default text color as they make their posts. Sucks when someone uses copy paste or uses the actual black text.
  3. Isaac Newton

    mfw The Inactives aren't on the list
  4. Isaac Newton

    Goodbye fellow Olympian o7
  5. Isaac Newton

    You were an awesome Chief! Good luck man. o7
  6. 35FEF03BE1BDF265B2F89D78C5E0820D45AB9E8B

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    2. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      @draMa [Not] Noot :P 

       @Dante dw, just the usual peter asserting his dominance on Kavala lol

    3. Drama


      @Isaac Newton sneaky lil guy we thought it was gary

    4. Millennium


      love the gang name @draMa

  7. Isaac Newton

    "Medic retard" Wow man ya really got me! See I would fuck off but your boy @'d me without getting his facts straight. I would talk to you more but that is a waste of time, considering you are the typical toxic trash that Olympus unfortunately produces every now and then. Not worth.
  8. Isaac Newton

    Bunched me in with Suki as taking medic too seriously lol, that's cute man. Trolling until the end. Or just salty until the end. Idk I guess you didn't see me retire a few months ago, nor have you played with me to actually get to know me (which I don't blame you, usually I avoid the special snowflakes). I'm the last person to take shit seriously in this community anymore. But yeah, bye I guess. See ya in a week
  9. Isaac Newton

    Dead bodies (medic)
  10. Isaac Newton

    Probably aiming the gun @ me because I talk the most shit lololol. Good times with the rebel scum
  11. Isaac Newton

    Should have been a demotion. Nothing more (if it could have even been considered a fuck up to begin with, considering @McDili's point). Search and Rescue is merit based, no? If he lost his merit and was insubordinate, demote him to pleb level (no offense Advanced Paramedics haha). The disciplinary steps are there for a reason. People are irrational, usually coming to their senses later on. They blow smoke out of their ass, hence why we record how they reacted to situations as apart of the write up. It's additional information for the senior to take into account later on. If he did it again, suspend him. If he did it again after that, blacklist. @Mercury It's like if someone goes and says, "Im going to keep Mass RDMing because I don't agree with the server rules or the admin that corrected me." And then they don't...because that would be retarded and would be counter productive. The guy won't get banned for disagreeing and talking back though as it is not necessary. @MAV Probably said some dumb shit, sure, but people have said much worse and have received no punishment whatsoever. Actions speak louder than words. Point is, Not everyone agrees with punishment, so why react like we've never been talked back to before? I mean, I could give dozens of examples of unruly medics who disagreed in a public way. It's not right, but unless it was like racist or absolutely and completely uncalled for, their reactions were simply noted, not taken as a blacklistable offense. Since we are all giving our 2 cents. Lol. Everyone feels different. Do what you gotta do. The black and white, eye for an eye crap was hard to deal with as Director. End goal is to have fun. Stop over thinking shit and play the game. More importantly, open the doors for others to play the faction. (I know - it's easy for me to say because #Retired ... Deal with it hahaha)

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