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  1. To all medics, there will be a delay in promotions this week. Thank you for your patience.

  2. Soooo I fucking blew some shit up at work today haha

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      gota love lithium ion batteries 

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      Galaxy Note 7? 

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      "Fig has Set off their suicide vest"

      Was there any customers near you? Haha


  3. I just had the worst day at work ever.  I am glad that I always have this community to fall back on though. God bless you Olympus.

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      Falling back on a salty ass server full of cancerous toxic fucks, must be a low point?

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  4. Chapter XI - Rank Advancement 6. Retension 6.1. Any medic that enters inactive status, <1 hour <30 minutes a week, for 3 consecutive weeks will be removed for inactivity. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, a Post-Interview Brief update: It now says: *All responders must be active in order to be eligible for a promotion. Medics making at least 30 minutes a week are considered active on the R&R roster. Basically as long as you are active, are meeting expectations, and have the required time, you can be promoted.
  5. Please submit any ban appeals to https://olympus-entertainment.com/support  Thanks.


  6. Sorry. No more witch hunts allowed. Thread locked.
  7. I voted for @Corporal_Moob and @Tiger.  Two very respectable gang leaders.


  8. I miss being able like statuses without having to visit someone's profile.

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      I was going to like this, but it's too much work

    3. QKSILVR73
  9. Side chat is a big No. This is definitely not sufficient engagement for medics (cop&medic side maybe but this is clarified in the rules). I disagree. I also disagree that warning shots are sufficient too.. First of all, there are shots flying all over the place and constantly landing next to medics in times of terror. This could be easily mistaken by new and seasoned members of R&R alike. I will go back to my point that medics have immunity/neutrality. If the rebels are lazy and just want to pop some shots at a medic and expect them to know exactly what that means in a chaotic moment such as a terror, those rebels are the problem, not the medic who is just there to provide a service to the city. Obviously a medic knows whats going on in a time of terror. If a medic is reviving someone you don't want revived, kill him (the civ) again and let the R&R know what you are all about. It's easy and I'm not going to listen to people who tell me it's hard. Because it's not. I've seen terrors done correctly hundreds of times and experienced gangs do just fine with this. If said rebel is shooting at an incoming medic helicopter, my question to them would be why? There is no point to being a debbie downer and excluding a medic from landing or from an entire city. Medics have immunity precisely because of these types of situations. We are apart of the city and should be factored into situations occurring in major cities just as they should be in real life. We could debate this, but always remember that every situation is different. Over-analyzing a change that is meant to make things more easily understood and smoother is counter-productive because at the end of the day RP reigns supreme. Anything is possible within RP. We will just have to wait and see. For now, factions (including rebels) should know their place in terms of engagement with other factions. PS- I fixed your quote since I have since edited my reply from earlier. Don't wanna be misquoted
  10. Medics have immunity. It shouldn't be a thing to ward off medics from major cities so easily. Engage the medics if you need to but in all honesty there is no reason to just mow down medics in acts of terror. If you need to stop a medic from reviving, catch them in the act and threaten them through direct chat if you don't want to pull up your phone. Thing is, if you are doing a terror, you want bodies and bounty. If a medic is there as a neutral party and reviving people it shouldn't be an issue (unless they are reviving officers) In which case, yes you can provide medics an ultimatum. This is where tense moments happen that really challenge a medic's survival instincts. A smart medic would leave an area of terror until it ends but the reality is that medics love being present during terrors. If they are there, they should be able to enjoy their neutrality to some extent. Just because bad things are happening to a city, doesn't mean it is an illegal area to be in. The only thing that should be considered "illegal" is if police give a reasonable directive to the medics and the medics flat out refuse to comply. Areas of terror should be considered dangerous no doubt. But illegal? No.
  11. Chapter III - Illegal Zones ... 3.2. Illegal areas defined: 3.1.1. Rebels 3.1.2. Cities with an ongoing terror (Anywhere within city limits) 3.1.3. Active Jails/Feds/Blackwater 3.1.4. Illegal gathering and processing areas 3.1.5. Drug Dealers 3.1.6. Black Markets 3.1.7. Cartels (Within 1 km of the cartel's cap point) 3.1.8. War Zone (Large land mass labeled as war zone) ... Chapter IX - Interacting with the APD ... 11. Medics shall comply with all APD orders so long as they are reasonable and don't go against the Medic handbook, APD handbook, or Olympus Server Rules. ... *Cities with an ongoing terror are no longer considered illegal areas. EMT's are allowed to be present. All medics must still be careful as to follow any reasonable orders by the APD and obide by NLR rules. * It has been clarified that as long as the APD officer is not going against any of the rules in place, medics must follow orders. If there is a situation where an APD officer is asking something that is in violation of any faction rules or server rules, the medic may avoid or refuse service. Instances of meta-gaming or rogue officers should be immediately reported to a senior APD officer.
  12. Happy Birthday Isaac! 



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