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  1. @TheCmdrRex Good luck out there man. Welcome to retired life. You have done so much for this community it's kinda insane Cannot even begin to state the appreciation that we all have for you. I remember when you became developer, hell even when you became Chief of Police, i thought to myself "This guy is super young and definitely in a whole other realm now... but if anyone can do it it's gotta be Rex". This was correct! You did more for Olympus and on a much larger scale than some of us could even dream of. Thanks for your support back in the day when I was still staff and Director and had questions and stuff about stupid little issues. I still remember trusting you 100% and always being blown away by the maturity and expertise of how you handled things. o7 brother. Hope to see you enjoying those retired benefits ingame and on the forums!
  2. Good luck Prime. you are easily one of the most chill people on here. Was awesome playing with ya. o7
  3. the R&R Xi'an is so fucking awesome <3

    1. KeithR


      Things zoomin

  4. Hbd left 4 dead teacher

    1. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      Haha thanks. Elevators too stronk

  5. o7 man! Study hard! Thank you for everything.
  6. @Trenton The God Yo! Happy birthday!

    1. drama


      Yooo my boy shoap5! Appreciate it brother :wub:

  7. Damn it's like you'll actually have to leave Kavala for revives during that time. Never Lucky.
  9. the ending of GoT be like



  10. I did the moment I realized what happened. Thank you though.
  11. Literally all of my money is gone. All of it. This is a sad day indeed......
  12. Hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable 420 :)

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