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  1. Thank you for the support all these years. I'll see you guys around as a casual :) R&R is in good hands. PS - Sorry I ran out of likes!

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      O7 :wub::(

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      Peace mah man. Peace.

  2. Grats on 25k Olympus!

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      this includes @Promethus's family :Kappa:

  3. Life is taking a very interesting turn and I am closer than ever before to decent paying job. Did the interview today and it went really well. Wasn't expecting any of it tbh. Decision in a few days. 

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    Got em! 10k!

  5. *Note* Just some general house keeping stuff. Clarifying a few points that were causing issues whether big or small. Chapter IV - Equipment -snip- 5. Medical Crates 5.1. Medics, at or above the rank of Search & Rescue, are authorized to purchase, transport, and deliver, medical crates. 5.2. Medical Crates shall not be knowingly delivered to, or near, the following locations: 5.2.1. Active Altis Penitentiary Zone 5.2.2. Active Federal Reserve Zone 5.2.3. Active Blackwater Armory Zone 5.2.4. Active Rebel Raid Any illegal zone (defined in Chapter 3.2) that is being raided by the APD -snip- Chapter VIII - Hostage Situations -snip- 5.3. Federal Events: Medics taken hostage and utilized for a Federal Event (Blackwater Robbery, Fed Robbery, Jail Break) should remain hostage for 30 minutes unless the medic has escaped, been killed, 30 minutes has elapsed, or until the federal event is complete. Whichever situation occurs first. (A complete federal event is defined as when the bomb detonates or has been defused) -snip- Chapter IX - Interacting with the APD -snip- 12. Medics detained, or arrested, by the APD for failing to comply with orders or instructions are may be subject to administrative action. -snip- Chapter XIV - New Life Rule (NLR) 1. NLR applies to all medics who are killed within the guidance of the server rules. 1.1. Examples of NLR applicable situations include, but are not limited to the following: 1.1.1. Failed Hostage Negotiations - Medic is taken hostage and they are killed because the negotiations failed or APD never arrived. 1.1.2. Failure to follow an order to NOT revive a deceased player and being killed as a result 1.1.3. Fleeing when an armed civilian attempts to take a medic hostage and being killed as a result 1.1.4. Ignoring a warning to leave an illegal area and being killed as a result 1.1.5. Intentional, or negligent, death resulting from an accident, fire, explosion, or suicide. -snip-
  6. This is late af, but congrats on dev <3

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      I just didn't wanna be a smelly staff member while you were around ;).


  7. Had to decide between school activities/Mother's day and the Olympus meeting today. Sorry I couldn't attend but it was gonna be a productive day regardless.

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      id say you chose the right one 

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      lmao its a video game

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  8. For my boy @Prime


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  9. R&R Handbook is now able to be viewed with the new Dark Theme :)(also fixed a literal shit ton of numbering and formatting errors too)


  10. Isaac Newton

    I disagree. No, we should not call the cops on someone who seems scary or has a group of friends with guns. This is literally the norm for us. I'm sorry that you feel like your'e in danger every time you make contact with a rebel but those rebels are literally just trying to play their own game too. As soon as they start acting hostile towards the medic, then sure, have it your way and call the police. Calling the cops as an unneeded precaution, at least on Olympus is bias and has an effect on game balance. Panic button rules already have similar limitations so no change is needed there. You need to go back and read the rules on when we use our panic buttons. You will realize it is for when we are in imminent danger. For now, it stays as is so we can analyze any other potential balance issues and discrepancies. Also remember that you can bring up other concerns to your civ reps. They have done a pretty decent job already of keeping an open dialogue with me on issues. Baby steps - as I always say.
  11. Isaac Newton

    The handbook already prohibits this type of activity. If you have any proof of this happening, please submit it to any senior R&R. That medic will be dealt with as this is considered metagaming. That being said, just because a medic is hostage, doesn't mean you should assume it's the medics fault. We are unarmed and value our lives so ultimately we do end up having to do some dirty work for bad guys if our lives are at stake. Also please consider that sometimes, it is enjoyable to be hostage (just because someone is not doing it willingly, does not mean they can't enjoy it) and let's face it, 15 minutes just isn't enough time to get the full experience of what you are going through sometimes. This is why captured medics often times opt to go for the full 30 minutes.
  12. Isaac Newton

    Good question, and my first concern as well. They can report illegal activities if they involve Fed/BW/Prison freely, just like before. They can also call the cops if they are in danger or if an EMT needs an escort. We are law abiding too so naturally if the APD gives us a command, we are supposed to follow it. The "any honest citizen should be able to..." argument does make sense on paper. However, this is Altis Life. Our normal clients are war criminals, drug runners, vigilantes, crazy mass murderers, I think you catch my drift. We say that we are unbiased yet some medics were leaning all the way to the APD side, making it extremely inconvenient and effecting balance of those who are just trying to do an illegal run and not be bothered or are trying to have a gang fight and don't need cops showing up for no apparent reason. There were legitimate reports of medics being bias towards the APD as well as Civ Reps making a valid point. Medics should be law-abiding and cooperate with the APD, yes. However, the issue arose when medics starting calling APD for every single illegal thing they encountered. In essence, medics were choosing to be one-sided and target those doing normal illegal runs just to see the outcome. This is all fun and great for the medic and the APD, but civilians were really getting tired of it. Civ reps especially wanted to see a change so they could probably better elaborate on this issue. Calling the APD on every single thing is bias towards the APD and effects game balance. We will never work against the APD, but what we can do is set the tone for how we should be reacting to certain situations and what should be considered a legitimate process of calling in law enforcement for backup.
  13. New or aspiring medics: whatever you do... do not view the R&R handbook in the new dark theme XD

    There are.... holes... I plan to fix later lol. RIP

    1. TheCmdrRex


      I am not even gonna waste the time with the APD handbook. 

      It so aids to unformat everything then re-bullet it


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