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  1. Grats @Stuuurrt , I saw this coming way back in the old days!

  2. or... (any RATM song)
  3. Changes made effective immediately are in Red. Rules soon to be modified (or removed) are in Blue. For now, they remain the same. Next server update will bring about the official changes hopefully. Chapter III - Illegal Zones 1. Medics, at or above the rank of Paramedic, are authorized to respond to calls for service located within any illegal area. 2. EMT's must be escorted by an Altis Police Department (APD) officer or higher ranking medic to enter an illegal area. 3. Medics who choose to willingly enter an illegal area to answer a call cannot be killed unless they are properly engaged. However, all medics must READ AND UNDERSTAND the Exception as well as the Special Circumstances listed below: 3.1. Exception: Medic GROUND UNITS (ONLY) are Kill-On-Sight at Cartels, War Zone, and at active Federal Events (Jail Break/Fed. Robbery/BW Robbery). Air units must still be engaged or sufficiently warned. Land vehicles, amphibious vehicles, medics on foot, and pilots who decide to land at cartels are all considered ground units. 3.2. Illegal areas defined: 3.1.1. Rebels 3.1.2. Active Jails/Feds/Blackwater 3.1.3. Illegal gathering and processing areas 3.1.4. Drug Dealers 3.1.5. Black Markets 3.1.6. Cartels (Within 1 km of the cartel's cap point) 3.1.7. War Zone (Large land mass labeled as war zone) -snip- Chapter XIII - Communications 1. Medics should be in the appropriately designated TeamSpeak channels while on duty. 2. Senior medics reserve the right to delegate lower-ranking medics to any medic TeamSpeak channel that they see fit. This may be necessary if a senior finds that the communications between medics are overlapping or non-existent. 3. Medic Team 1 and 2 channels in TeamSpeak may be utilized by all medics. Medics using the Buddy System are only permitted to use these channels if communications become too crowded or noisy. Use of the Medic team channels are prohibited for individual medic usage. (2 or more medics only) 4. Medics may only enter an APD channel if specifically requested, or moved, by an APD member. 4.1. Medics may remain in the APD channel until the situation has been resolved. 5. Medics who are currently employed by the R&R are permitted to use the R&R Break Room whenever they so choose. 6. APD/R&R Side Chat 6.1. Medics are only authorized to utilize the "APD/R&R Side Chat Channel" when an exigent circumstance exists and communication via emergency text message, or direct chat, is not possible or practical. 6.2. All communication via the "APD/R&R Side Chat Channel" should be considered critical in nature. 6.3. Medics are not to utilize the "APD/R&R Side Chat", "Emergency Police Text", or "Direct Text", for the sole purpose of relaying the location of wanted individuals. 6.4. Medics may report any illegal, suspicious, or malicious activity to the Police at their discretion. 6.5. Any abuse of the "APD/R&R Side Chat Channel" will result in administrative action.
  4. Be the change you want to see in the APD. Join and show them. See how it goes.
  5. Welcome!
  6. I don't know why I felt the urge to make this post and share this story. Maybe I find discussion comforting in some odd way. I wanted to share with you all an experience I had today. It happened as the Superbowl was going on. Something I definitely did not expect and will probably stick with me for awhile. In my memories. If you don't like these types of "wordy", personal story posts, click off now. All trolls and toxic comments will be moderated. I'll just describe how my day went and go from there... Normal day, a good day in fact. I slept in, had coffee with the senior R&R and some staff members, and eagerly awaited the staff meeting that was to happen at 5pm. I was even more eager to see who would win the Superbowl of course. I'm not a huge fan of football but I always like watching the Superbowl and seeing who wins. Later, the staff meeting goes very well. It was a short and sweet meeting where we all got along and pitched some decent ideas back and forth. Progress. Upon the conclusion of the staff meeting, I decided to watch most of the first half of the Superbowl and then shortly after go get some food. Naturally, being a Superbowl day, I kind of wanted a pizza from down the street because Why not?! I love pizza. So, I hop in the car, good vibes and all and head to Little Caesars, who are locally known to be halfway decent around here. Now, I'm a pretty chill cucumber at this point. They told me I had to wait 8 minutes because they had no pizzas ready. This is totally okay with me. I'd prefer it this way. I happily threw my hood up and hung out in the corner of the Little Caesars and began looking at Superbowl updates on my phone, as well as the Olympus website. Me in my natural chill state. Then it dawned on me, I'm gonna put my hood down. I'm not trying to hide anything and who knows, maybe I'll actually want to say hi to someone. Just then, a guy walks through the door, half black, skater-type build.. I recognize him immediately as one of my old best friends. This was Josh, someone who I had known for years and suddenly lost touch with about 3 years ago when I started my new job. I looked up and as soon as he turned around from ordering, I said my Hello. It was a normal conversation, we were really stoked to run into each other and I could tell the chemistry was still there. This was a dude that stood up for me in the past and was like one of my best friends growing up. We used to do everything together with a couple of my other friends. Shit, we smoked weed together, skated, played in a band, traveled cross country, you name it. If there was a memory of growing up Josh was probably involved somehow. Today is a good day. Josh's face kind of indicated to me like he wanted to say something. Now, like I said I know this guy and he is a funny dude too so sometimes I gotta check to see if he is serious or not. He turned serious. We were having one of those "Life is crazy" chats when he shifted topics. He said something along the lines of... "Yeah and especially what happened with Sarah... how she's dead". I was confused at first. Still smiling from the initial encounter, when I asked "Wait what? Sarah (last name)?" Josh then said very bluntly "Yes dude. Your ex-girlfriend? The one you dated? She is gone. Dead." I sat there for a second as my face turned from smiles to somewhere between confused and curious. Remember how I said Josh was one of my best friends and I connected to him almost the instant he turned around and we recognized each other? This is how Sarah was too. I had friends growing up, sure. But none of them were quite like Sarah. Similar to Josh, she was one of my more wild friends who would actually go out and do things with me, get me out of my comfort zone, and provide me with new experiences. I even dated her around my senior year in highschool which means we bonded on a whole other level. It lasted a few months and they were amazing months indeed but we ended it. When we all graduated highschool, we still hungout for awhile and did things together. We saw concerts together and hung out with mutual friends all the time. Since we knew each other so well, we could even hang out 1 on 1 and it wouldn't be weird. An ideal female friend. A truly beautiful person who was full of life and hope. At some point after highschool her mother passed away and she went through some really tough times. I was always there no matter what. Only after recovering from that did we start to lose touch. I calmly asked Josh, "How? That is insane. How the fuck did that happen?" He told me he wasn't sure but he heard about it. She died January 23rd 2018, and like me, he only recently found out. Sarah was my age, 24, and was also a Leo (born in August) like me. We always joked about that. We also joked about marriage which I had never done with anyone. Typical Leo's. He kept telling me things like "Yeah dude I still can't believe it, I'm still like... not really understanding it". Then he said "I think it was drugs dude, I'm not sure"... Come to think of it, She did start to go down a dark path last time I saw her, I thought. I remember an instance where I found foil with some brown sticky crap inside it in one of her drawers. Anyways... after talking we both had our food in hand, so I said goodbye. I definitely was not as hungry as I once was and I had completely forgotten and stopped caring about the Superbowl. In order to help myself adjust to the news, I went home, ate a little, and started classwork. Of all things. I wanted to do classwork. For about an hour or two, I forgot about the encounter. Then it started to sink in... the last time I heard news like this is when I found out my cousin died in a car crash at age 20. Head on collision. The feeling of losing someone close to you so early... is very very hard. Even now, it is surreal. I can hear her voice in my head, her laugh. I can see the memories I had with her crystal clear. It's strange... I wish I could go back in time and instead of losing touch, find her and hang out with her no matter what the setting. I went online and did some digging and found out that Sarah died from an overdose, our suspicions confirmed. The comment I found does not say which drug but I suspect heroin. I'm just sitting here thinking, This is such bullshit. Totally avoidable. If I was only there to smack that shit out of her hands. If I could just crack one more joke at her. If I could do something. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? This is still all sinking in, like it's really unbelievable to me. Of all people, Sarah is actually gone. It was a great day, until fate delivered the news that no one wants to hear. Young people, even in their 20's gotta be more careful. If someone you care about is into hard drugs, talk to them. Even if you cannot stop them right away, be there for them. It might mean the difference between life and death one day. Hold onto the people you love for as long as you can. In some ways, that is what I did not do. I lost touch and feel like I have now paid the price for it. It's crazy how often we are reminded to "live life to the fullest because you never know what day will be your last" -- yet some of us still ignore this warning. That's the end of the story. If you connect to it on some level then I am glad. If you want to comment go right ahead. I needed to write about it and share my experience. I already feel a little better just reflecting on what has passed. Thanks for your time and for the read. Stay safe out there Olympians.
  7. Chapter XI - Rank Advancement 1. Promotion Guidelines 1.1. Promotions are generally conducted each Friday on Friday night or Saturday morning/afternoon (EST), or at the discretion of the R&R Director. ... 6. Retension 6.1. Any medic that enters inactive status (<30 minutes a week) for 2-3 consecutive weeks will be removed for inactivity. ... *For anyone who is not aware, this is actually how we've always done it (for both changes). This way, the handbook is more honest and "with the times". We usually remove someone for 2 weeks of inactivity. If they are granted 3 weeks it is because they were given a warning - which is rare and purely at the discretion of their squad leader. Then, they are removed if they still did not acquire more than 30 minutes on week 3. also, Chapter XIII - Communications 1. Medics should be in the appropriately designated TeamSpeak channels while on duty. 2. Senior medics reserve the right to delegate lower-ranking medics to any medic TeamSpeak channel that they see fit. This may be necessary if a senior finds that the communications between medics are overlapping or non-existent.
  8. I'm doing promotions soon. I swear xD

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      promote me then

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      Promote me to civ for life. Since that's all I'll ever be lol


  9. @Ares @Fusah My recording of what happened with the "Ghost"Hawk was corrupted RIGHT at the funny part lol. That was such a good time though. LMK if either of you have a recording of it :P

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      Isaac Newton

      Yeah I have a 10 minute recording and JUST as I'm looking back at your ghost hawk (at the end when it's about to happen), it freezes and only plays audio lol. From my perspective, what i saw was so fucking funny dude lololl

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      If it's got audio upload your laugh

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      the laugh was good enough

  10. Made a few edits to the Progressive Disciplinary Matrix section. Some numbers and words were off. All fixed.
  11. Mainly to help clarify things based on a multitude of situations. Changes are in red Chapter VIII - Hostage Situations 1. Medics shall not be taken hostage if a member of their civilian gang is part of the group attempting to take the medic hostage. 2. Medics can be taken hostage when the following criteria has been satisfied. 2.1. The civilian has stated via direct chat that they are taking the medic hostage. 2.2. The civilian has the means to inflict death or substantial harm. 3. Medics can be restrained to prevent escape and facilitate transportation at the hostage takers discretion. 4. If restrained, the medic may be unrestrained in order to provide services such as healing, reviving, or repairing. 5. Medics may be held hostage for up to 15 minutes before they can request to be set free. 5.1. Medics may, at their discretion, stay for an additional 15 minutes if there are no other calls for service pending. 5.2. Medics who elect to stay for an additional 15 minutes shall not stay and assist for more than 30 minutes. Once 30 minutes has elapsed, medics must return to their regularly assigned duties. 6. Once a medic is released the same medic cannot be taken hostage by the same group of citizens until a minimum of 30 minutes has elapsed since the time of release. 7. Medics, whom have been taken hostage, shall not perform any of the following activities: 7.1. Gather or transport items. 7.2. Operate vehicles. 7.3. Use weapons 7.4. Utilize unauthorized equipment 8. Medics shall only provide services to those they are instructed to assist while serving as a hostage. 9. In order to be considered a hostage, a medic needs to be near their hostage taker, and have a clear and present danger to their life. 9.1. Those left unattended may attempt to escape if they so choose. 9.2. Medics who attempt to escape may be killed or recaptured. 10. If during a hostage situation, or while assisting APD, a medic is captured by an opposing gang, group, individual, or faction the medic may assist the controlling entity by providing revives, heals, or repairs. 11. Once the hostage situation is complete the medic shall return back to their regularly assigned duties. 12. Medics cannot be stripped or robbed of their clothing, equipment or items. 13. APD officers may Taser a medic located within any illegal zone, without warning, if they suspect the medic is a hostage. 14. APD officers are expected to engage medics located outside of illegal areas before using force. 15. A Failed Hostage Situation is when a medic that has been taken hostage is killed because negotiations with the APD have failed or the APD negotiators never arrived. Chapter XIV: New Life Rule (NLR) 1. NLR applies to all medics who are killed within the guidance of the server rules. 1.1. Examples of NLR applicable situations include, but are not limited to the following: 1.1.1. Failed Hostage Negotiations - Medic is taken hostage and they are killed because the negotiations failed or APD never arrived. 1.1.2. Failure to follow an order to NOT revive a deceased player 1.1.3. Fleeing when an armed civilian attempts to take a medic hostage 1.1.4. Ignoring a warning to leave an illegal area 1.1.5. Intentional, or negligent, death resulting from an accident, fire, explosion, or suicide. 1.2. Examples of NLR exempt situations 1.2.1. Random Death Match (RDM) 1.2.2. Vehicle Death Match (VDM) 1.2.3. Arma related issues that result in a death through a glitch or failed game mechanic. 1.2.4. Any death that results from another player not following server rules. 1.3. Medics shall not return to an NLR affected area for any reason until 15 minutes has elapsed. 1.4. The NLR affected area is defined as a city or 1.5 KM area around the location where the medic was legally killed. Chapter XV: Progressive Disciplinary Matrix (PDM) 1. Administrative Action Defined 1.1. Documented Counseling: Any behavioral misconduct or violation of the R&R handbook, or Olympus sever rules, that could be defined as accidental, un-intentional, or that cannot be defined as malicious or egregious in nature. 1.2. Letter of Reprimand (LOR): Any behavioral misconduct, malicious action, or egregious act that could be categorized as a willful attempt to intentionally violate the R&R handbook or Olympus server rules. 2. Grounds for administrative action 2.1. Documented Counseling 2.1.1. Medics shall receive a 7-30 day suspension/removal upon the issuance of the third Documented Counseling. 2.1.2. Medics that accrue 6 Documented Counselings will be dismissed from the R&R. 2.2. LOR 2.2.1. Medics shall receive a 7-30 day suspension/removal for each LOR issued. 2.2.2. Medics that accrue 3 LOR's will be dismissed from the R&R. 2.3. Civilian Bans 2.3.1. Medics who accumulate multiple bans can be dismissed from the R&R. The length of the removal depends upon the number and severity of the bans issued. RDM, VDM, RVD, NLR: 1 week per ban Exploit, Fail RP, Combat Log: 2 weeks per ban Harassment, Hacking, Mass RDM: Blacklist 3. Senior Encounters 3.1. If you are confronted by a senior medic about a situation that occurred, be respectful and listen to what they have to say. Depending on the situation they may just be there to counsel you. 3.2. Senior medics are expected to practice all Professional Standards of the R&R when resolving situations. 3.3. Senior R&R members are tasked with reporting any volatile situations involving the R&R to the rest of the team and may do so at any time. 3.4. If an Off-Duty Senior R&R member encounters a medic breaking rules, they should bring it to the attention of another online Senior R&R member and take any necessary action with them if possible. 4. Grounds for Dismissal/Blacklisting 4.1. Providing false or inaccurate information on an R&R application 4.2. Cheating during any R&R testing process 4.3. Receiving 6 Documented Counseling’s within 30 days 4.4. Receiving 3 Letters of Reprimand during your career 4.5. Any egregious or malicious act 4.6. Harassment (ANY SETTING) 4.7. Toxic behavior in game or on the forums 4.8. Trolling in game or on forums 4.9. Disrespectful behavior in game or on the forums 4.10. Using a firearm while on duty 4.11. RDM, VDM, RVD, or NLR while on duty 4.12. Exploiting, Fail RP, or combat logging while on duty 4.13. Insubordination 4.14. Meta-gaming Chapter XI - Rank Advancement 1. Promotion Guidelines 1.1. Promotions are generally conducted each Friday, or at the discretion of the R&R Director. 1.2. Times for promotions are gathered each Thursday. If a medic has not met their time requirement on Thursday, when times are gathered, he or she will not be promoted, even if they attain their minutes on Friday. 1.3. Promotional reviews are based upon time spent on-duty, observations made by senior medics, and feedback provided by the citizens of Altis, to include peers, APD officers, and civilians). 1.4. Medics can only be promoted once per week unless it is a special circumstance. For example, Medic of the Month award or Coordinator+ approval. 2. Rank Requirements: 2.1. Emergency Medical Technician – Inception Rank 2.2. Basic Paramedic – 1,200 minutes of playtime 2.3. Advanced Paramedic – 3,000 minutes of playtime 2.3.1. Must be able to acquire Advanced Paramedic Certification (flight and verbal testing). 2.4. Search & Rescue – 7,000 minutes of playtime 2.4.1. Must be APC (Adv. Paramedic Cert.) flight certified. 2.5. Supervisor – Appointed (preferably 10,000 minutes of play time or more) 2.5.1. Must be a proficient pilot that is certified to fly for the Rescue and Recovery. 2.5.2. Must be able to consistently facilitate new hire interviews and Advanced Paramedic certification tests 2.5.3. Must be able to complete desk duties by consistently and accurately updating data on a weekly basis. 2.5.4. Must be able to make accurate and unbiased recommendations for promotions, demotions, and removals. 2.5.5. Must be active both on the forums and in Team Speak by guiding, directing and mentoring other medics. 2.6. Coordinator – Appointed (preferably 20,000 minutes of play time or more) 3. Rank Perks 3.1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 3.1.1. SUV/Van 3.1.2. Pay Check = $300 Base Pay + $300 every 5 minutes. 3.1.3. EMT uniform (Blue) 3.2. Basic Paramedic 3.2.1. Hatchback Sport/Off-Road/Quadbike/Boat 3.2.2. Pay Check = $600 Base Pay + $600 every 5 minutes. 3.2.3. Paramedic Uniform (Red) and Dive Equipment 3.3. Advanced Paramedic 3.3.1. M900/Hummingbird/HEMTT 3.3.2. Pay Check = $900 Base Pay + $900 every 5 minutes. 3.3.3. Paramedic Pilot Coveralls (Yellow) and green pilot helmet 3.4. Search & Rescue 3.3.1. Taru/Orca/Strider 3.3.2. Pay Check = $1200 Base Pay + $1,200 every 5 minutes. 3.3.3. Search & Rescue Coveralls (Orange) and green Helicopter pilot helmet 3.5. Supervisor 3.4.1. Ghosthawk 3.4.2. Pay Check = $1,500 Base Pay + $1,500 every 5 minutes. 3.4.3. Supervisor coveralls (Green) and green helicopter pilot helmet 3.6. Coordinator (+) 3.5.1. Pay Check = $1,800 Base Pay + $1,800 every 5 minutes. 3.5.2. Coordinator coveralls (Green) and green helicopter pilot helmet 4. Approved Leave 4.1. Promotions may be delayed while in active leave status. 5. Demotions 5.1. Can result from inactivity or any administrative action due to behavioral issues or medic misconduct. Demotions are generally recommended by Supervisors and approved by Coordinators. 5.2. Supervisors that enter inactive status, <1 hour a week, for three consecutive weeks will be demoted for inactivity. Supervisor performance and Coordinator discretion are also factored in when a demotion of a senior occurs. 6. Retension 6.1. Any medic that enters inactive status, <30 minutes a week, for 3 consecutive weeks will be removed for inactivity. 7. Removal 7.1. Medics removed for breaking server rules, or R&R rules, may be removed or blacklisted. 7.2. Anyone arrested, or jailed, by the APD may be disciplined or removed from the R&R. 7.3. Anyone removed for misconduct, who is not blacklisted, may not re-apply to the R&R for 90 days. 7.4. Medics removed for inactivity will not be allowed to re-apply until 30 days has elapsed from their removal date.

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