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  1. K you gonna be online tonight you selling any stones as well?
  2. Still selling those stings?
  3. how much for spar 16 and spar 16s and how much per stone?
  4. 80k per sting Dont need a 9mm suppressor 80k per sting
  5. i will buy every fucking Sting you got
  6. little meme video. 

    Don't Ban me please 


    1. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      i thought i made bad meme's

    2. buckie


      Lmao u need names and stuff. 

    3. Fuck Cops

      Fuck Cops

      @buckie will make a new one later tonight 

  7. @Winters look at my IA report 

  8. Fuck Cops

    Cop tazers

    buying all cop tazers post them down below and price please .
  9. Normal protector mags work with the sting
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