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  1. @|REAL| Boing Add a Stats list for total vigi arrests 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Zeuse


      1 hour ago, Zahzi said:

      New stats page will allow you to select which stats to display for top 50s. Will be available soonTM


      I aint seeing a dark mode option 😕

    3. M0N5T3R
    4. Zahzi


      16 hours ago, Zeuse said:

      I aint seeing a dark mode option 😕

      Haven't gotten to that yet. Will likely be included at some point down the road.

  2. so im allowed to still say hands up or die. but if they are in restraints and i tell them be quite or die if they dont stfu i can shoot them???
  3. We robbed him like 10m later he comes back with a pdub
  4. if i unrestrained enemy gang and they come back with a gun am i allowed to shoot them???
  5. i know they are still not worth much because several people stockpiled them
  6. Fam you won't get shit for that also black bipods you get every time you pull a spar 16s black
  7. Server Crashed s2 4:55 am

  8. @|REAL| Boing fuck vigis am i right
  9. house https://gyazo.com/3b8ea29ba2abc129cc5752bee2bc10eb front https://gyazo.com/046cbef1946719e12fce9e97bb2f7421 back https://gyazo.com/e258f656eb0ee8a691f9bb0b90f2cf21
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