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  1. add a vigi part of the stats page please

  2. You must of got incredible unlucky becuse if you do say 300 bets it should be around 150 lost and won
  3. There is no assigned win loss ratio if im correct it’s always a 50/50 chance
  4. T5 Vigi

    Wtb tasers

    Don't think they get spar 17s
  5. i mean that's for 200+ people if i wear you i would just get a server provider
  6. i mean the donation goal is around 2,000 dollaris i think
  7. i don't know what stuff they have to run the server my guess is they might have something like that
  8. let's go with a middle of the road case lets say 16 people on at one time thats 1 core or 2 threads dedicated to them
  9. how many people you gonna plan on hosting the server for?
  10. it has better silicon so you can overclock is more easily and when it has a decent cooler like a AIO it boosts to like 4.2 GHZ i think i would recommend that you do some research if you need a 3950x also you need to figure out how big of a server you need to run
  11. I don't know about the GPU but get a 3950X it has 16 cores 32 threads it might help you some with running the server
  12. Get aimbot and silent aim and esp and you will be good
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