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  1. anyone know how to fix this ? 0d14d04f9e5906e29324afa9baf60923.png


    1. monsterr


      Uninstall battleeye, the next time you click play in the launcher, battleeye will reinstall itself

  2. Make it so you gain war point's if you kill a civ/cop when fighting in a airdrop zone 

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    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      You've convinced me, I'll push for it. 

    3. Millennium


      I mean to be fair, its kinda like fighting in warzone/cartels, but for a crate instead of cap.

      that would be lit if warpoints were given.

    4. ThatNerdyGuy


      Make sense with the ways it was explained. Thank you for explaining your arguements which in turn has changed my opinion.

  3. add a spawn for airdrops on OG tbh

  4. just wait till this week's over then i camp warzone
  5. Go back to server 2 being closed on non peak hours was actually fun getting fights 

  6. @Zahzi eta on AT jeep. "Web Dev"

  7. Remove Prowler from BW loot table 

  8. 100k for SFA gang shed cords 

  9. Silla won't war N and they are around the same size. My opinion is that the server lock should stay in place I have houses on both servers so I can play on either for all i care
  10. s2 players be crying like take a break it's only till Monday. I personally  like not being on a dead server you troglodytes keep s1 open s2 off on non peak hours 

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    2. Monks


      bojo i wasnt being toxic lol im just saying some of you s2 players act like the server just fucking HATES you and doesnt give a FUCK about you even tho ryan literally said s2 was his main server. Not specifically u tho ig

    3. Vigi easy money

      Vigi easy money

      @Monks Ryan has to log in to have a main server ^_^

    4. SPBojo


      @Monks I fully get your point and agree, some people are full mental breakdown mode over it, only reason im very much against it is simply because i'm now restricted to the point where i have to pull an all nighter to play on the Olympus server i've played on since launch, being forced to play on S1 when ALL my assets are on S2 is no bueno for me and many others, even temporarily, and yes, you have the argument of "bruh its only 5 days" but you know dam well that this is just the start, considering how loudly people have been crying for one of the servers to be locked the odds that this is just a temp thing for 5 days is something i REALLY doubt.

      All in all, should a server be locked? Yes. Do i agree it should be S2? No. Will i stay up all night crying over it? No.

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