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  1. With the 15 min timer for all federal event’s does that mean after 1 bank vault blows you have to wait 15 mins to blow another one up?
  2. sorry to ruin your moment but https://gyazo.com/7e9e13ed72c7b521023a7a39aadc0d7e @EricTheOneAndOnly
  3. What's the average exploiting ban on OG length if you had no previous bans on your current record affecting your ban length? 

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      Typically a one day but if you've got prior bans it could be longer.

    2. Outcast
  4. add ability to sell arrests plz

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Millennium


      Thats when u get ppl like @Fraali or dingle, or anyone with high arrests selling them to people and making hella bank

    3. Vigi easy money

      Vigi easy money

      @Millennium that will just make is less grindy to get a decent vigi leval besides there would be a limited supply of arrests from people who have a lot of arrests that money transfered from the person buying it will be spent on rebel gear 

    4. Fraali


      This would probably be one of those used once, and deemed not worth it, and never used again type thing. -1

  5. lmao not as bad as noble losing a 40 man BW tho
  6. na silla is easier got a 4 piece on them
  7. add the land bridge from pygros to neo back

    1. Fraali


      I thought you guys wanted MORE FPS, not negative FPS?

  8. bank's should only spawn between 50-75 bags if you have 5+ lethals on you get 75 it is incredibly easy to hold the bank
  9. +1 cut bank bags spawned down to 50
  10. nobody is going to send you the hawk first 99% of the time it is half first then they send the Hawk then you send the rest of the cash
  11. only people with rank 1+ in the gang can use shed inventory
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