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  1. is it just me that likes to wear the wetsuit even when I won't be fighting in the water?

    1. lukie


      no,  shut up

  2. ^^^^ Anything below 6.5 won't pen a Orcas glass until you have shot it something like 150 times
  3. Bring back At slinging. Miss it ;(

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Rafa


      An elegant weapon of a more civilized time 

    3. Outer Space

      Outer Space

      Think cops are the only ones that cried about it

    4. monsterr


      @HooDi defo not, getting at'd on cap by a kid whos 1.5k away floating in the sky and would fly away scared anytime anyone got within 800m was boring and cancer.

  4. Add the Maws to BW loot table 

    1. Noble


      To be fair, all a BW is in current state is a AT (jeep or offroad) with a mar10 or zaf here or there, The pool seems to have dried up as we have done 50+ BW and gotten 2 hurons and not a single fucking hawk. Im all for adding some cool new things to BW pool. IMO we should add the AT prowler but i know how strong it is and i know people will complain so it is what it is 

    2. Venomm


      • Added
        • NLAW to BW pool
  5. I would switch out the air cooler for a 360mm aio and then switch the case to the 011 dynamic. This is a high performing AIO but has a good price https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-Liquid-Freezer-All-One/dp/B07WNJCVNW I would also recommend buying extra fans I personally quite like this fan pack https://www.microcenter.com/product/621236/Touchaqua_Notos_O_RGB_Hydro_Bearing_120mm_Case_Fan_-_5_Pack?storeID=081 It comes with a fan hub for the PWM power and it comes with a fan hub for the RGB. If you have any questions about your computer build just Ping me or send me a PM and I will try and help you with your problem.
  6. 1 server with high pop is much more interesting then 2 not even half full
  7. If you think Silla is bad you never had to experience the 4 different Noble's attacking you at once with 20-30 online constantly well all of them have max level gang sheds and Vigi's
  8. Was at max 7 people What lmao. Would you rather us send you 5 different engagement message at once
  9. Can you please provide actual proof of said thing occurring?
  10. I was one of the People that was online but in Noble the reason people were running N tags is we wanted a simple engagement but not to leave are gangs. @SmackkkYour point is mute man it's not hard you shoot at or get shot at by said enemy gang and your auto engaged with all people wearing the enemy gangs tag.
  11. I spent the time to watch your videos you RDMed in all of the cases other then possibly the first one. I looked at the last video that is the only one that you may be able to get removed as he spent a majority of the time alt tabbed where he can not hear voices in game alt-tab is not alt tabbed I mean when you go into a different app.
  12. @Tr_RevengeMad because you got permed for breaking rules lmao. I don't understand how you managed to get that many bans the rules are very simple to follow.

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