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  1. Price check mk-18 taser

  2. Buff runs sell price and decrease prosses speeds 

  3. @Zahzi congrats i expect you to be live banning people when they annoy you 

    1. Zahzi


      Nah, only faggots live ban kids, support room drama is much more fun >_>

  4. Make vigi's lethal like corps in warzone but they get 75% of the bounty when shooting someone

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    2. Monks


      Go ahead, make a post saying kav takes more skill than cartels. See how many downvotes you get.

    3. Shabiki v2

      Shabiki v2

      i think i will.

    4. ThatNerdyGuy


      or we don't do that

  5. fuck betting

    1. Skateezy


      ur a fellow vigi u know money is make believe to us

    2. Vigi Rat

      Vigi Rat

      @Skateezy not hard to make money just pissed i lost 20m from 50 to 30 😞 guess i got to go grind vigi again

  6. add pilot covs for warpoints again as a dono goal

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    2. Vigi Rat

      Vigi Rat

      @Thick Mans just found the clip man when browsing shit was a F tho

    3. Sho-Time


      Ngl n1

    4. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      kids dont understand they dont need to push the vigi lmao.

  7. @Zahzi can i get the script for t4 on a hummingbird?

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    2. Silton


      10 hours ago, Grandma Gary said:

      Confirmed Zahzi is a scripter.  Can't believe you fell into such an easy trap, easiest ban of my life.


      no one bans DB

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      If you post my IP I'll give you 5 millions pristine Olympus dollars right now.

    4. Vigi Rat

      Vigi Rat

      @Silton post it no balls

  8. This would only effect poor players
  9. correct me if im wrong but if you survive 24 hours with a hit contract on you get the money?

    1. i chop hatchbacks

      i chop hatchbacks

      you dont but it would be cool and it could also be a way for people on restrictions to be given money

    2. i chop hatchbacks

      i chop hatchbacks

      i dont think atleast never used bountys

    3. Millennium


      the bounty just stays on you

  10. mk1 800k t5 vest 500k
  11. how much for the mk1s and the pilot covs?
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