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  1. price check on the 

    ak-12 taser 

    mk1 taser 

    typ taser

    cmr taser 

    spar 16s taser 

    cmr taser 

  2. Remove the duffel bags bring back the old brief cases 

  3. move boat rebel back to the original spot

    1. Strafe


      fuck no that was so aids. you could never fly thru the gulf because people just sat there and titaned all day for warpoints

  4. nobody is gonna buy that it will just be a waste of Dev time
  5. if they don't wanna waste time leave and let the person get up simple as that
  6. have a Rebel also retard you body camp till they respawn no point in wasting 250k
  7. ew for scats really no point to it people are just gonna pull a taser and let you get up
  8. What's your guys highest vigi teir arrests count?

  9. @Zahzi ETA on new stats page?

    1. Zahzi


      8 units

    2. Mighty


      We need a sort function for each server to look up stats that are currently on the server

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