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  1. This shit better b worth my time!
  2. Did i hear “Best Highlights”! Ion this u spelled Best the right way i think its spell W..O..R..S..T
  3. @Trumper no these have all been sold
  4. @Capricorns 2 for 450k!
  5. @Capricorns I have 2 I can do 500k!
  6. @Birb know what a rat is b4 u call someone it retard! Go bck to 6th grade o wait u already there!
  7. 100k a sting and 1m for the mk1
  8. @Horizon o really?
  9. Who Wana Shake Some ass for some Shelelz!
  10. i have 22mx and 12 stings and 1 mk1
  11. ill buy them both for 2m! and some cop taser!
  12. I got 5 stings, 2 mx's, and a rpg and cop gear!
  13. @Birb quit bitch, gimmie dem shekels pu$$ie
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