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  1. Nex is the name

    o7 Barely talked, but when you spangled us in Kav, and we tased you for your rpg spangle, good short time. Good luck with your troubles, god be with you.
  2. Nex is the name

  3. Nex is the name

    Got a 2200 on the edge of kav, server 2. Ill pm if you get no offers.
  4. Nex is the name

    Im just saying. Im not triggered, its just, idk how someone super toxic gets a positive rep, guess its what the new generation likes.
  5. Nex is the name

    Pretty toxic civ rep, kinda not giving the representative table a good look if you think of it... But I think at this point its too far gone maybe?
  6. Nex is the name

    Then why are you a civ rep if you aren't experiencing the in game issues in the present?
  7. Nex is the name

  8. Nex is the name

    I know lmao, I quit after I vigid one of your boys, or you, cant remember. Forever rebel now.
  9. Nex is the name

    I mean, with my reputation on there for being a vigi for 2 hours... It aint fun.
  10. Nex is the name

    Its not on s2 anyways, so GL with it. If it was on s2 id splurge a lot.
  11. Nex is the name

    Yeah, but in real life, it doesnt poor down rain every time it rains, its like a faint pitter patter, I guess maybe instead of removing it, change the noise? Cause in olympus every time it rains, it fking rains. Its not like im fully against rain, because I did vote "keep it how it is" for the sole purpose I dont want night to be removed. And rain is indeed a good additive to the every gameplay, just change the sound of it.... thanks
  12. Nex is the name

    I have 500 hours I know, but when you're processing you need to hear vehicles, and the rain drowns it out so you need to max volume and take out earplugs. Its a big annoying cycle, just remove rain.
  13. Nex is the name

    Yes sir, but my immersion is being ruined with this rain noise sounding like a god damn car engine when its hitting nearby roofs while im processing oil or some shit.
  14. Nex is the name

    I feel like I literally have the worst PC here and I get like 20 frames on OG. Granted im not flooded with hatchbacks or whatever, but like 4 striders an ifrit or two and like 4 suvs and a heli flying around.

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