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  1. You're aiming at him rather than where he's going, bullet travel is something you need to take into account. If your crosshair was a little to the left you maybe would've got him with that first spray Also don't buy an AK12 it's super shit
  2. Haven't been on the forums in a while so this might be a dead meme, but who the fuck is this dude who's beat out catsmeow for richest player in basically the last like 2 weeks?

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    2. Strikke


      9 hours ago, NokiaStrong said:

      He is Kats and he is good at betting

      Not the case bud. 59dfbd840d66876f2d75ec6bc984ec49.png

    3. Drippp


      @Strikke the betting stats are shit mine have been the same for months. 

    4. Strikke
  3. You can't do anything about the toxic players, best thing you can do is not be toxic yourself. Don't be the guy to engage some new guy for no reason and instead help them out and show him the ropes, then hopefully later on they'll grow an appreciation for the game and follow in your footsteps. That's the only way you can combat toxicity on the server
  4. Play of the fucking century
  5. Need some info for research purposes. How long would y'all say it would take to fill a 500 space tempest device with raw material weighing 2 each, then drive it to a house about 1.3-1.5 km away assuming there's no big hills?

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    2. d a k o t a

      d a k o t a

      a tempest running and you filling it up takes just as long as you filling up a box truck. if that helps

    3. Strikke


      Why not just buy a tempest, fill it, bring it to the house and then check how long it took?

    4. Rascal


      @Strikke I can't get on for a little while, but I had an idea to make money and I wanted to get some numbers on how long it'd take

  6. 12th grade class of 2020 intellectual/self proclaimed shitpost god
  7. Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss
  8. To medics who play fairly regularly, what does a normal day of work make you during peak hours? Asking for research
  9. "It's not worth it getting someone banned from a virtual reality that's not even real, there better be some fake virtual cash involved to actually get me to write a report"
  10. Well everyone in S2 has $8 billion now, wooooo

    1. SecTranLive
    2. Rascal


      maybe they won't find out...:thinking-face_1f914:

  11. Before I say some retarded shit in the suggestions page, is there a reason why bets have a 3 minute cool-down? Is there any reason why it can't be lowered at least?

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    2. SPBojo


      4 minutes ago, Panda :) said:

      What pledge said and plus if someone found a exploit to win every time they did if there was no cool down they could be richer than cats in like 20 mins.

      "If" :dejaywink:

    3. Ryan


      25 minutes ago, Panda :) said:

      What pledge said and plus if someone found a exploit to win every time they did if there was no cool down they could be richer than cats in like 20 mins.

      I can be richer then cats in 30 seconds ;) 

    4. Rascal


      @N7Zero Deadass I won my biggest bet yet and I'm still coming down from it. Better than gambling irl

  12. #1: It's not like the server is in dire need of new players, we have a healthy base as is. #2: You act like it's impossible to do runs unless you're in a gang. If you have a decent amount of composure and resilience, you'll manage to get a foothold on this server. Survival of the fittest. Personally I'd say I'd rather have a small player base who had to get through hardships to get to the top (which is great for gangs) then have a large player base of pussies who've had everything handed to them. This server heavily revolves around PvP, and doing this shit is gonna nurture a player base that can't PvP and can't deal with shit not going their way.
  13. Bad luck but you had it coming
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