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  1. Gotta keep the minecraft skywars idea going
  2. Or a modded gun? You could make an exception for it and just use a gun from a mod. Or is Olympus "Vanilla Guns Only"?
  3. 100mil may be a little bit too much
  4. What could be doable is having a message popping up in the contesting bar, saying that there are cops nearby
  5. Im in support ts move me

    1. drama


      Only employees at Bohemia interactive can help you sorry

  6. U just told me -Ti- Dumbass! was dealt with administrative action but he is still on the server

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    2. Jopple123
    3. xanx


      Worry not, I killed them 14 times lul. Ran them outta my town 

    4. Fuzz^


      15 minutes ago, Plumber said:

      Yeah they sent me a pizza so I decided to unban them all. Sorry. 


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