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  1. wtb any tasers other than mk-1s. tell me what price you're selling and i might buy
  2. any tasers mx type mk-1 idc just drop them and ill offer. also looking for a t5 vest
  3. literal god moderator thanks for the reduction  @Hylos

  4. yup me and the b o y s need it
  5. moonshine, bets and medic
  6. not gonna ping ur boy kilo from UA? i made u who u r today
  7. title, also lmk if you want to buy it top bid winsssss
  8. Looking for opinions, I’ve already said what I thought it was. so you can take your negativity and gladly fuck off tbh
  9. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I need answers. Personally I think it’s used as someone saluting
  10. holy shit this was the hardest necro ever
  11. nah man, thank you for accepting me. after i got kicked from my gang prior to that i had little experience and gang life was extremely fucked at the time so i had no where to go. your gang was a last resort and im glad you let me in. i wouldnt be where i am today if it werent for you, although im not far, it's good enough. o7 captain, good luck with all your endeavors. whether in a virtual gang roleplay or in real life
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