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  1. Derz67


    Bye gamer
  2. I got two stings and and mx
  3. Cops may be a little better than they should be but it’s difficult to balance both factions so there both fun and that’s what civ council hopefully has something in the works to help.
  4. Like a 50/50 if the boys are hopping one we hopping on but if the boys are going out we going out
  5. Goodbye mr unjo, life had just begun. And now they’ve gone and thrown it all away o7
  6. Best of luck to you and welcome
  7. I'm not trying to shit on them it was just funny how many we got one even surrendered after we had like 12. Sorry if it seems like that
  8. Hello everybody I'm sorta new to the server and forums stuff so don't clown on me too hard. But hope Olympus is fun and wish the best of luck to everyone and that the server stays alive.
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