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  1. |ZeRo|

    I got a CMR tazer @Mawganm
  2. |ZeRo|

    How much for the beret?
  3. |ZeRo|

    How much for spar 16s @Mawganm
  4. |ZeRo|

    @StraightAngle still for sale?
  5. |ZeRo|

  6. |ZeRo|

    Screen shot? @MBPslyr
  7. @MAV how much for 1
  8. |ZeRo|

    Vote @Ryan get him to 1st!
  9. |ZeRo|

    Who added the poll? Cuz i didn't
  10. |ZeRo|

    @drama is winning rn, but @Ryan is catching up!!!!
  11. |ZeRo|

    Iv never talked to drama. @drama hope to see u in game
  12. |ZeRo|

    ADMINS DONT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL Who's the best admin on the server? I say either Ryan or Grandma Gary. Ryan is hella chill and helps me all the time. Grandma gary is also chill and helped my gang a lot when we all got bugged. I dont really talk to admins. Ryan and grandma r like the only ones iv talked to and they chill. Lets vote. Tell me the best admin thats on Olympus!
  13. |ZeRo|

    @Titimus how much for the stealth suppressor?
  14. |ZeRo|

    How much for the stealth suppressor
  15. |ZeRo|

    How much for the mxm

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