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  1. S3 was good as but;

    There needs to be flat rewards amounts for the top 3 as well as the pot split.

    1st - 1.5 mill

    2nd - 1 mill

    3rd - 500k 

    Change my mind.

    1. monsterr


      money for kills (like 50-75k) would also be nice 🙂

  2. yo i pretty much have the same specs, are you playing at 1080p? what view distance are you using? I use 1200 on foot and have around 90-100. If you have it jacked up could be why otherwise there's something seriously wrong with your pc. amen
  3. +1 good seller, received my display picture within the hour. would buy again.
  4. wow ur really talented, mind dm'ing me i have some suggestions
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