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  1. coolbean

    300 Left 13.5k each
  2. coolbean

    13.5k ea
  3. coolbean

    Selling 570 warpoints 15k each.
  4. coolbean

  5. coolbean

    wow dude you really got him there. you're so funny. fax
  6. coolbean

    i remember going into your house and throwing out all your smoke grenades then your house got destroyed by the apd. funny af
  7. coolbean

    is this asylum kavala ron
  8. coolbean

    you're the one telling him to give you level 4 and have him logout while you put the money in. wonder who is trying to make the trap
  9. coolbean

    one time thing but tried to snake our gang funds not too long ago.
  10. coolbean

    15 semi active members? why not like 8-9.
  11. coolbean

  12. coolbean

    when you played with us you couldnt even stay in the server for more than 3 minutes cause your arma kept crashing cause of that 2ghz cpu, and you have a headset that doesnt even work. BROKE BOY
  13. coolbean

    cause the first time we were busy and didnt need to use the shed, and when we spawned an hour later at the shed we didnt expect to still be sitting there.
  14. coolbean

    Last time he raided he sat there for an entire hour because we saw him and just left to do other shit around the map and when we came back he was still there, with 1 hour play time on the server. Im more than sure he was there for more than a couple minutes because he was prob just afk in a bush.
  15. coolbean

    I didn't know he was there, why would I access the shed if he was there? I was flying around the map and I came to the shed to store my heli, and as soon as I land and store I get instantly messaged cause he's just sitting in a bush. Its also not about the money, its just that he just sits there instead of doing something else whenever he logs on to s1.

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