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  1. Ronald is still not corporal. 😡 #RONFORPERMCORP

  2. #RonForCorp


  4. have gw titles been added?

    1. Millennium


      Its only on TS

      oh wait um dumb nvm

    2. Theseus Nuestra
  5. I'd prob drop the price, I think everyone usually buys at around 12.5, just saying.
  6. That's what I meant, the prebuilt compared to the one you build yourself won't be as good. Could've worded it better
  7. You can easily look up a tutorial on how to build a PC. Buying a prebuilt for around 900 will be a huge difference than building one for yourself at the same price
  8. @xanxdogshit player 

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    2. Drippp


      xanx punching the air rn

    3. Noodles welfare check

      Noodles welfare check

      Coolbean went SICKO MODE

    4. jke


      IK im late but be real xanx is proably going to stab some one else in the neck

  9. Selling 570 warpoints 15k each.
  10. wow dude you really got him there. you're so funny. fax

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