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  1. congrats @ThatRandomGuy father

    Edited by Acid_
  2. Sasha I didn't mean to delete u fam sorry
  3. I just came back today :/
  4. <3
  5. "12 Dollars paypal you will not do a backflip in this ghost hawk right now" 

    1. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      Did you send the 12 dollah though?

    2. Acid_


      I'm working on it


    3. Lucki


      I'm waiting... that $12 can be used to buy IG money to replace the amount that I lost on 3 ghosthawks blowing up. lol

  6. Hello all Olympus players and staff, I'm Acid if you don't know who I am, I was part of the gang MC for a while but was mostly gone due to school and sports recently they have decided to let me go and I decided to leave olympus for a little until I have more time to play and not have homework and sports. But thank you everyone for all the funny and great memories and thank you to MC for being accepting and understanding for everything. Be back soon. -Acid
  7. Shout-out to the teacher that gave us 5 minutes to do a quiz :Kappa:

    1. Joel


      Shout-out to my teachers that give us 2 Hours to do finals that take like 30 Minutes... :huh:


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