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  1. One day I like to think I'll be able to make the great Ribsboy2 happy in a roundtable thread.
  2. For the first DB fed season we had a win rate of 85% overall I think, with a win streak in the mid 40s or something. I know this stat sounds insane, but remember we were occasionally 35 players deep, had Ghosthawks crusing around, AT offroads blasting, RPGs blasting, titans blasting and we were using all the BW gear we got at the events. There were points where I died with a Zafir and didn't even care because I'd get one within two BWs and would have it for the next 10. The BWs and Feds aren't easy, far from it, but we encourage stacking on both sides and it sucks for everyone. Yeah I'm not buying the lethals deployed as a sign of APD losing a fight. I lost track of how many times I was told to "just die" when corporals wanted to get lethals going second wave.
  3. I mean... it could, but some of the sAPD might have a heart attack if I suggest this.
  4. Just Hatchbacks without the AHP skin.
  5. This was a sticking point for the APD, sadly no matter what arguments we used a closer spawn wasn't going to be "allowed" by them. I think the bank encouraged larger gangs too much, the income obtainable was far too close in value to a fed while also being quite easy. Now hopefully the 15 man gangs spamming banks will take another look at feds. There are still unique ways civs can complete banks, we can't balance for them all but certainly the quickly leaving in orcas with very little risk is curtailed.
  6. @Dicky check out the extra adjustments we just made, we'll see what happens after this I guess. Yeah unfortunately all the civs will do then is bring more than they have. This already happens a lot of the time and we shouldn't have to balance things with numbers like that.
  7. You're not putting 300 money bags in your pockets man, they weigh quite a lot. Here's the thing with money bags, they get sold eventually, these stats are from the entire month. I'm pretty confident they're not being stored for multiple months. If it's still a problem and the bags being sold is still too much, we're going to look at it again. This isn't a one and done type thing. Remember civilians are winning exactly one event right now, the bank. I get it's not ideal for you, but try being a civilian trying to do a BW or a fed right now. I bet they feel the same way when they see 18 cops login vs 8 dudes, I know I do. Lets let it play out a little bit, if more major changes need to happen I can assure you we'll hit it again. We're after balance for everyone, just because we represent civilians doesn't mean we want to walk all over the APD, a lot of us are cops too.
  8. There is an important stat you're missing, the percentage of money bags that are actually sold, it's currently 59%. The idea is with this change the money bags are going to need to be driven out, think of it like a really expensive pharma at that point. The APD, of all ranks, will be able to engage and deal with the civilians in the normal way on the ground. This doesn't mean we wont make further changes later on, but right now we're going to test this out and see what happens. There are no waves, so you can sit back and wait if you don't want to feed the meat grinder, that's entirely upto you. We suggested this too, and we couldn't come to an agreement so this change is what we came up with instead. I believe we're going to show which vault is being robbed anyway.
  9. Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement. I added some reasoning/flavor text for each idea this time around, hopefully you can see what we were thinking. Cartels Add the ability to see the highest medic rank currently online @Unjo It really sucks to not be able to tell if it's just EMT's online and you're dead in a redzone waiting for 15mins because they can't enter. Add the ability to change group passwords from the group menu UI @thor Re-creating a large group when you want to exclude/kick a player is very frustrating. Scats Add the Vermin to WPL as a cheaper, decent weapon for newer players. @Millennium Price will be 30-40k. Remove the gun requirement for unrestraining via the windows key menu @Hunter You can already do this if you select your Lockpicks manually from the Y menu, this is just a QoL change. Allow APD hatchbacks (non AHP) to be claimable by civilians @Mr Majestic The APD can currently seize our APD vandal hatchbacks for no reason other than roleplay, so we'd like to provide a roleplay reason for this. Any APD hatchback would have the APD vandal hatchback skin once claimed by the civilian. When the APD seizes the APD vandal hatchback from a civilian, they would be claiming that vehicle (it would go into that officers garage and return to being a normal APD hatchback). This is a fun, mini-game type interaction between civilians and the APD. APD vandal hatchback would no longer be purchasable at the rebel shop and the only way you can get this skin would be through claiming. Public Urination charge for roleplay purposes for when we can piss next update @Mr Majestic Like a 2.5k charge. Doesn't give probable cause, etc. Runs Move the salvage location in the Pygros Bay somewhere there isn't a rebel destroyer @ACursedMyth Vigis Vigilante rank storage option - Alts shouldn't feel like a requirement to play a role for fun @Mr Majestic Currently the vigilante role is extremely limiting and severely punishes your play time if you want to switch between a Vigi and a Rebel unless you have an alt. It takes many tens of hours to reach a high vigilante rank, and if you ever give it up you start from nothing. We're adding an option to "store/save" your current Vigilante rank/arrests in exchange for money, or for free if you don't mind being reduced by a whole vigilante tier. This will cost 750k per vigilante level stored. If the Vigilante is currently wanted they wouldn't be able to store their rank until they become innocent (stopping abusive vigilantes just yeeting past the APD). Most high tier Vigilante players currently use an alt account just so they can switch between both play styles. This new option would provides both convenience and a money sink (incentive not to use this too often). Example: You're tier 3 and want to store your arrests/tier/license because your gang is doing a bank and you want to help. You walk upto the Vigilante NPC and select "store license", you'll get a prompt telling you it will cost 2.25m to store tier 3 or you can store tier 2 for free. You pay and there you go, you can pick your license back up later when you're innocent again. Vigilante tier gear tweaks - Vigilante takes too long to become fun and enjoyable with the current tiers @Mr Majestic Tier 1, 0 arrests - PO7 (no change) Tier 2, 25 arrests - Sting Tier 3, 50 arrests - level 3 vest Tier 4, 100 arrests - SPAR-16 (no change) Tier 5, 200 arrests - SPAR-16s (no change) The .45 ACP is hot garbage when compared to the PO7. Getting to 50 arrests with the PO7 currently is frankly insane, Sting will make this feel like a better progression. No money changes for each rank, that's staying the same. Feds Pharmas only able to be started if you're carrying a 5.56mm or higher calibre weapon @Jig Allowing Dave the Rookbanger to spawn a vehicle into the hands of the APD was a bit too easy. Lower the Pharma vehicle spawn time by 30seconds With the new location the APD can sometimes respond a bit too quickly to the Pharma, this should allow more vehicles to get some distance before the chase begins. Increase federal event gold spawn amounts, from 200 to 400 Higher amounts of gold will spawn based on number of APD online. Weight of gold bar also decreased from 8 to 6. Blackwater bomb timer reduced to 20minutes from 25minutes We're testing this and just seeing what happens to the win rate. It can't really go down from 0% so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Bank money bags will no longer be able to stored inside ariel vehicles, the weight is increased to 6, and total spawned reduced to 75 per vault. We had this huge discussion and both the APD and Civilians Council had different opinions on how to fix the bank. In the end we agreed, and the change was simple. Now civilians can be chased out of the bank on the ground instead of them camping on the roof/leaving with Orcas, etc. General Allow speedbombs to be attached to helicopters @Hylos Speedbombs are fun, yet another money sink and we get to see stuff go boom. Staff Roundtable Tased players will have a spangle animation and take damage while tased @Mako Just an animation, you basically fall to the ground like you're dead, but you're not dead. Add short barrel P90 to black market shop @NokiaStrong Allow loading of vehicles into HEMTT transport / mohawk @Mako Medics have this and it looks fun, so we want it too. You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:
  10. #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2 $F2:: Toggle := !Toggle while Toggle { Send, {enter Down} Sleep, 5 Send, {enter Up} } return put this with your other ahk and press F2
  11. Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement. Cartels Add Cartel map marker if there are players on the cap contesting @G F When you request a war, keep the war request window open instead of automatically closing allowing you to request multiple wars faster @Jimmy Jarvis Scats Garage "spam prevention" timer removed or reduced depending on performance @Bloodmoon Armed plane weapon changed to the .50cal, this enables the crosshair again @Bloodmoon Runs Add a WPL only Panic Button, sends the APD a dispatch on use @buckie 15 space, makes carrying one a conscious decision, more money or more potential protection. Costs 20k to purchase. Only WPL license holders can use the button preventing spam and abuse by rebels. Add the ability to save two loadouts @Mason Harrison Vigis More default clothing options availiable in the Vigilante clothing store @Kaniel Outis Feds Add gang bank ledger to the stats page if you are logged in and rank 4+ @Noahhh! General Add a pissing animation and particle effect usable via a hotkey @Mr Majestic Staff Roundtable Add “Staff to civs” server message for staff Let admins check house registration on civ Let admins seize items on ground on civ Add more vehicles to admin spawn menu AT offroad, .50 cal truck Pawnee, Armed boat, Armed hunter Armed strider, AT Prowler Add OS uniform You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:
  12. The 12 man roster kills this for DB and I'm sure a lot of other smaller gangs. Awesome that gang wars is more frequent now though.
  13. Erotic roleplay. @Zahzi was really into it when I first met him in Kavala.
  14. Yeah, @Zahzi we're blaming you for this one.
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