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      worth it no one hearing footsteps when you're moving like that lmaoo

  2. When 5 cops are online you gain 5% processing speed, for every additional cop past that you gain an extra 1%, up to 10%. For example 8 cops online means 8% extra processing speed.
  3. I believe we suggested 150k, in line with the other LMGs. Thinking about it this might be a little high considering the inability to purchase the mags easily and use it as an LMG.
  4. They originally argued for a 6.5mm carbine, we obviously stomped on that idea. The reason the vigilante reps gave for wanting the 6.5mm was, in part, so they could engage better at slightly longer ranges. The SPAR-16S allows them to do this, within reasonable distances while still not being quite as strong as a 6.5mm weapon. I think I speak for everyone, excluding Vigilantes of course, when I say we don't want a bunch of rebel camping rats having easy access to 150-round drum mags. You can still buy them for warpoints, but if the APD catches you, expect to have your license removed. You guys still make insane money, with basically zero roleplay, and now you get to do it with a better weapon.
  5. It was denied once during a staff meeting too, I guess the idea got there in the end.
  6. I think we're still all waiting for the new cartel events, etc. There are good changes coming if you look at past roundtables.
  7. A few things left in discussion this week, I'll include those in Decembers roundtable. Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement. General Increase gas station robbery payout based on online APD members Base payout of 35k, increases by 10k per online officer, up to a maximum of 85k (5 cops). Cartels Add the ability to pay gangshed rent a month in advance Scats Add a Sofia black market for Mushrooms Design team will work to update the billboards more often. Runs Increase Salt, Silver, Copper, Glass and Cement sell prices by 20% Processing speed bonus based on how much you process in a single sitting The goal here is to lesson the burden of using larger vehicles and generally buff the pretty dull processing time the longer you do it. This would stack with the other buffs you currently get (cartel capture and cops online). Small vehicles will see a relatively small buff, whereas larger vehicles will see more of a prolonged benefit the longer you are able to keep processing. This buff disapears if you stop processing for a couple of minutes, discouraging players from going AFK. Legal with a WPL license. 3% processing time decrease after 120 items processed 6% processing time decrease after 180 items processed 9% processing time decrease after 240 items processed 12% processing time decrease after 300 items processed Illegal - One ingredient (coke, heroin, etc) 5% processing time decrease after 150 items processed 10% processing time decrease after 210 items processed 15% processing time decrease after 270 items processed 20% processing time decrease after 330 items processed Illegal - Three ingredients (moonshine, meth) 5% processing time decrease after 50 items processed 10% processing time decrease after 70 items processed 15% processing time decrease after 90 items processed 20% processing time decrease after 110 items processed For example during an illegal run: A Van would recieve no bonus, a Truck Boxer would see a 5% bonus for his last backpack full, a Tempest Device would see a 5-15% bonus and only the 15% for the very last backpack full. A Hemmt Transport would be required to see the full 5-20%, with the 20% only being applied for the last two backpacks. Vigis Improve the put player in vehicle function, prioritize vehicles that you have keys to in a close proximity Bolt cutters for vigilantes purchasable from the vigilante outpost and legalized SPAR-16S (no 150-round mags) added to tier 5 vigilante, replacing the Mk20c This change properly reflects the amount of time and effort put into getting tier 5. 150-round magazines are still illegal and purchasable at the warpoint shop only. You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:
  8. Playing with the whitelisted factions means I have to sit and listen to pepegas. At least on civilian I get to pick the pepegas myself.
  9. DoNt GeT sHoT aT aNd ItS nOt A pRoBlEm
  10. While we have everyones attention, there are a few spots still open on the civilian council. Vigilante needs the most help right now, so if you're one of those, check this post out:
  11. One of the best scats on Olympus, o7 brother
  12. Couldn't be further from the truth. At no time since the civilian councils inception, almost a year a go now, have we gone out of our way to implement something we thought would help "end" the APD. We've always been about balanced and fair gameplay. We reduced the tickets by 15%. Clearly this wasn't enough. For me the biggest issue is the APD's mobility and speed in which they cross the map to find individuals. Scout planes are too prevelant now that there are so many active corporals. I'm never going to suggest removing planes from the APD but certainly limiting their use to specific cases is likely a must. Once you reduce the APD payouts I think we'll just encourage the APD to find and supress civilians even more than they do now just to make up from the lost income. Scout Orcas costing a good amount of money is necessary for balance in my opinion. We all know how aids it is to get dropped on by an Orca full of APD behind cover, not sure I want to encourage that with cheaper vehicles. Ask yourself if you want to get dropped on while your doing a run by as many cheap Orcas as the APD can afford?
  13. Damn, hitting them with the 2016 prices.
  14. Ok, I think I get where you're coming from now. So wouldn't the POs, etc that would normally be removed for not playing enough, also not get removed in general though? I feel like this could go both ways.
  15. This shouldn't be the only reason to play cop, this in itself is a problem. It wasn't always like this and we've tried to nerf this a bit, but honestly it's rough fighting the sAPD about their money making because they don't think it's in their best interest. I understand that mindset but eventually you get to where we are now, too many cops and not enough civs because it's appaently more worthwhile to counter runs and lose nothing. The APD as a group with the tools they currently have (planes, hawks, lots of active corproals and above to use said tools) are extremely suppressive vs any small or even large group doing a run. Good job ignoring the argument at hand and instantly jumping to this conclusion. If you can't understand why too many cops online vs a limited amount of civilians is bad then you should give civilian a go sometime. By this I mean actually do a run. Ah yes, fight off the 10 or so APD members online with the 4 civilians you have doing Box truck runs of weed. Come on mita, you're not that oblivious to how this usually goes, right? Wouldn't this have the opposite effect? Could you explain your reasoning here, I think I'm probably missing something. I wish we had a silver bullet to fix this problem, but we just don't. I know anything we bring up that could potentially give civilians the edge or an advantage is just going to get shot down as usual. I've been saying the APD has been too suppressive for well over a year now to anyone that would listen - I guess it's only a problem now because there is nobody left to fight. How about we look at those crazy numbers the APD is making and you as an sAPD member voice your concern about imabalance in the next meeting?
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