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  1. Lowest player count because the game is dying and soon this server will be dead too
  2. LOL This isn’t my main account buddy I’m glad you put the effort to make that screenshot even though I’ve been here longer than you and lots of people here
  3. I did quit like I just said are you dumb or retarded? I thought you were 14 acting like a gang member in a video game, grow up pussy
  4. Literally don’t care I’m only here to keep up with what’s going on didnt you quit? I love how you guys take this so seriously “nice try” what was I trying? This is actually hilarious
  5. Didn’t you cheat on Olympus Altis Life? Enough said
  6. This was the dumbest comment ever lol. If they don’t leave, you shoot them with the hawk. It’s so simple lol
  7. I used to own that house it’s not even good. When robbing someone people can hear you from the cop parking spots you never can hide in there
  8. Been falsed ban twice now but yeah great server xD ngl its fun but i keep getting banned for nothing and im confused about it everytime waking up seeing the ban message like bruh what I do wrong

  9. It’s a literal sniper I’d sell it for around 2mil
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