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  1. Bongo Bongo Bongo

  2. Bongo Bongo Bongo

    I can assure you this does not happen often. Bit of bad timing coming to the team today
  3. If anyone is donating to improve the server, do it under my PID. Would be greatly appreciated!


  4. Bongo Bongo Bongo

    No put grim vs bw
  5. Anyone making NCAA brackets and have an upset championship? 

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    2. Drama



      YOOOO THE LSU LOVE! Sadly we won’t have our coach so it’s not gonna be easy. Lemme grab my bracket real quick

    3. Bongo Bongo Bongo

      Bongo Bongo Bongo

      The only reason I have LSU losing to Marquette is because they have no coach. Also VT has beat Duke before and since Zion is coming back from injury they can beat them again. You got a pretty solid bracket ngl.

    4. Drama


      I got 15/16 games right today:bender-dance:

  6. Last chance to put me on a roster :wub:

    1. Fuzz^


      werent you camping rebel fully kitted yesterday and i sdared you

    2. Bongo Bongo Bongo

      Bongo Bongo Bongo

      No I tapped a guy out of m900 and then got killed from behind after just buying a gun

    3. Fuzz^
  7. Bongo Bongo Bongo

    Funniest dude on the forums o7
  8. Bongo Bongo Bongo

    to store gear / hide from cops
  9. Bongo Bongo Bongo

    Would require an excessive amount of training to cure the APD's broken aim.
  10. Bongo Bongo Bongo

    Mark my words @Mk-1 BOTS GONNA WIN IT ALL

    fourth stream - medic life.

  12. Is there any learning sessions for developing?

    1. TheCmdrRex
    2. Big Steve

      Big Steve

      There's a ton of good videos online that are easy to understand. I would suggest thinking of something you want to make in singleplayer, such as a heli/plane practice mission or a simple capture mission, and dive right in. Having a goal in mind is a great way to start off, and doing something you want keeps you interested, and as you learn more, you can add more to your mission. If you have any questions, there are tons of knowledgeable people on the Arma 3 scripting forums as well as on Olympus.

  13. Anyone want to donate under my PID? Would be greatly appreciated.

  14. come watch me orbital cannon kids in gta 



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