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  1. Randomly down-voting is not gonna help you get a good reputation mate lol

  2. Vigil turns a straight man gay and a gay man into a terrorist
  3. Shit your right that's fucking amazing
  4. People are to sensitive today
  5. How many likes can this egg get?
  6. Hey y'all I'm turn 16 next week and I am read the APD rules and I'm can apply for the job next Monday but should I? Do you guys recommend me joining the APD I have been in many police Departments but many of those departments are now closed let me know guys and have a great day
  7. Yeah he's going to remember when he looks in the mirror at his ugly mangled face
  8. Hello there, My name is Frank, and I am going to play on the third sever if you ever want to do something text me
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